How to Affordably De-clutter Your Home, Marie Kondo-style

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How to Affordably De-clutter Your Home, Marie Kondo-style

A high level of clutter at home has been found to lead to higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, according to a study performed at the UCLA Center for Everyday Lives. To de-stress, you should de-clutter. Marie Kondo is a de-cluttering expert from Japan whose book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has sold over 11 million copies in 40 nations. She believes that objects which don’t bring joy should be discarded. If you want to embrace her tidying philosophy, without throwing away stuff that you spent money on (and may want to use or display in the future), you should know that there are some ways to centralize items, so that they are out of sight and out of mind.

You should also know that there are affordable ways to get the job done. Once you put these clever and practical tips into action, you’ll turn your home into a more peaceful and pleasing space. You will clear your mind as you also clear out your living space:

Start with your wardrobe

De-cluttering a living space may feel a little daunting at first, especially if you’re a pack rat, so make it simpler to ease into the process by starting off with your clothes. Make two piles. One should be clothes that you love and wear regularly. These clothes will go back into your closets and drawers after your clear-out. The second pile should be clothes that are special, but rarely worn. This second pile should go into storage, anywhere that you have space for them, from an attic to storage sheds or other outbuildings on your property to a spare room. If you are willing to let go of clothing, and it can be hard to do this, even when it’s never worn, consider creating a third pile which you sell online for a profit. eBaying your clothes and accessories will be a great way to drum up a little cash as you streamline your wardrobe and de-clutter your home. One reselling expert, Chloe Binetti, makes six figures per year just by reselling her wardrobe. You can do it, too!

How to Affordably De-clutter Your Home, Marie Kondo-style

Move on by sorting books and papers

Marie Kondo always starts with clothes and then moves on by organizing books and papers. To follow her tidying practices, look around your home. Are there a lot of books and papers cluttering up the space? Maybe they’re in piles, or taking up precious storage space in bookshelves or filing cabinets?

When you sort your books and papers, and then create a two-pile (one pile to keep and one pile to store) system, you’ll be ready to place unneeded or unwanted books and papers out of sight, anywhere that you have room for them. Choose a spot that isn’t in direct sunlight and doesn’t have a high level of humidity. You may keep the new open space clean and bare, for a spare, minimalist look, or add new decorative elements, such as fresh flowers in vases or framed photos. It’s all about changing it up by getting rid of what you don’t really value.

How to Affordably De-clutter Your Home, Marie Kondo-style //

Finish up by streamlining remaining items

The last step of the process is streamlining your miscellaneous and sentimental items. Start with miscellaneous. Look around and see which items are taking up space, without being important to you. The items might be tennis rackets that you haven’t used in years, or gewgaws on shelves that really aren’t that special or attractive. Find a spot for any miscellaneous items that aren’t beloved and/or in regular usage. Finish up by reviewing your sentimental items. These items really matter, so perhaps you can showcase them in the space that’s been opened up by storing unwanted miscellaneous items.

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Storing items is a smart strategy

You may not be comfortable throwing away stuff that you paid for and that’s understandable, but you probably have room to store such items unobtrusively within your home. While Marie Kondo is an advocate of tossing items that don’t bring joy, she is wealthy. You may not be. This may impact your attitude towards disposing of things you’ve bought. To get the Marie Kondo effect, without throwing away your stuff, store unwanted clothes, books, papers and miscellaneous items where you can’t see them every day. Then, showcase what you love most, such as sentimental items.

How to Affordably De-clutter Your Home, Marie Kondo-style

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