How to (affordably) Get Green Energy for Your Home

Posted November 23, 2014 by in Lifestyle

Green energy at home is not just important for the environment and for our future, it’s also important as it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Even Brad Pitt is an advocate for this solution on both a cost-saving and planet saving basis.

Pitt thinks the notion that we pay utility bills at all is an unnecessary concept. Whether he’s right or not is mostly opinion, but what he plans to do about it is a more interesting and helpful kettle of fish. He’s currently leading a project in New Orleans to build more affordable houses, which are powered completely by solar energy.

This is in a bid to counteract the amount of energy consumed by fossil fuels in US homes. 85% of homes in the states rely on these fuels which include oil, gas and coal for power. As well as causing air pollution and global warming, these resources are becoming more costly as they start to decline.

If you fancy cutting costs whilst cutting emissions and pollution, then here’s how you can make your home a greener one through the energy you use alongside your long-term recycling ideas.

Firstly, the solution involving the least effort would be to simply wait it out. At present, most homes are connected to a local grid, powered only by the energy sources that your local utilities can offer. However these options are currently expanding.

Whilst renewable energy sources were once seen as something far more expensive for utilities to provide than fossil fuels, there’s recently been a huge sum invested in renewable energy projects across the globe. Once implemented, these green renewable resources will be far more affordable than fossil fuels.

Big companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are not only investing in alternative energy provision, they also predict sales of companies in the solar, biofuel, wind and geothermal power sectors will grow to $1 trillion in the next 15 years. So it’s clear that it won’t be too long until these new renewable energy sources will be powering our homes.


There is another option though, which requires you to be a little more proactive but which could work to your advantage. Electricity from a renewable resource is already available in some areas right now. To find out if you have an alternative greener choice available to you, call your utility provider. If they don’t yet have that option, they may have a renewable energy development plan in place. They may give you the option of paying a small extra amount to your bills to go towards this development.

You could also opt to take things into your own hands and be the master of your own greener destiny. You can install your own solar panels onto your home now, meaning you’ll be less reliant on the grid. Converting will cost you to start with, but there are tax incentives in place to reduce the cost, plus your electricity is free after this.

So why not save the money you’d use on leisure activities like bingo for a bit, and invest in some solar energy? It may cost you upfront but the long-term savings both financially and environmentally make it well worth the risk.