How to Affordably Remodel Your Kitchen

Posted March 18, 2021 by in Home

The modern kitchen is a central part of many homes and is much more than a cooking room. However, sometimes things can go wrong. From electrical problems, to water damage, or perhaps even fire damage. If you have suffered water damage, it may just be time to get things fixed and make a change.

For example, firstly you must take care of water damage restoration before you start to consider your remodel. The various uses for the kitchen have made the room one of the three main rooms to be considered when deciding on renovation work.

Kitchen renovation seems to many of us as a project with considerable costs, but with the help of some tips for the renovation work, spectacular results can be achieved and value can be easily added to your home without spending a fortune:

Painting the Kitchen Walls

Most people think new appliances, special installations, and storage are what a kitchen renovation is all about, but none of these are necessary for creating a modern and functional kitchen. Instead of replacing an old refrigerator or stove that is still working, think of other things. By the simple act of painting a kitchen in a new and modern color you can turn an old-fashioned kitchen into a modern one.

Our recommendation is to paint the kitchen walls a light color, especially if the kitchen area is not relatively large in order to make it visually larger. White, yellow and light green colors are definitely common colors for the kitchen.

Since kitchens are messy places, you’ll want to pick a paint that easy to clean. So when you’re getting ready to paint your kitchen, use a water-based paint from a reputable company as water-based paint is easier to clean with a cloth or Magic Eraser. You could also use tiles as tile is extremely easy to clean and there are plenty of sustainable tile options available so you should consider looking into this if possible!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Can’t afford to replace your cabinets? Paint your current ones instead! Painting kitchen cabinets in off-white or white can do wonders for old cabinets. If we want to be a little more creative, you can replace the cabinet doors with glass.

If you have chosen to use glass doors, keep in mind that the stored plates and cups can be seen, so the visual appeal of those become more important. The first thing guests see in your kitchens shouldn’t be old chipped plated and mugs. Thankfully, stores like IKEA and Target make replacing kitchen utensils affordable.

Replacing Handles

Another way to upgrade the look of your kitchen without spending a fortune is to simply replace your kitchen knobs. There are a wide range of styles available, so get creative. After painting your kitchen cabinets white, adding black or gold knobs would look extra chic.

We hope these tips helped inspire you to make your kitchen renovation more affordable. While we all wish to go big on home renovations, going the affordable DIY route can be just as exciting and rewarding.

*Photos by Daria Shevtsova