How to Apply an Eye Serum

Posted February 24, 2021 by in Beauty

Eye serums are growing in popularity. As we age, the area around the eye becomes one of the first places that display aging prominently – in the form of wrinkles and bags. Taking care of the skin around the eyes will help prevent early signs of aging. Wearing sunscreen around the eyes is very important, to keep crow’s feet from forming. The very delicate skin around the eye must be treated with kid gloves, so to speak. 

But how do you use it?

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How To Use Eye Serum, Step By Step

Start your skincare routine with the eye serum. In most circumstances, eye cream should be applied before other things, including your daytime moisturizer or even sunscreen. The light nature of eye serums might get blocked out by heavier lotions, so it needs to go on underneath heavier or greasier lotions or makeup.

Use a very gentle touch when applying eye creams. Don’t tug or rub the skin. It’s even recommended to use the weakest finger on the hand to apply products: the ring finger. It is supposed to make sure that a light touch is used if you use the ring finger. 

You don’t need very much product around the eye, and most serums are concentrated, for this same reason. Use about a pea-sized blob of cream for use around the eye. 

Using a gentle tapping motion, dab the serum under the eyes. Start in the inner corner of the eye, underneath the eye. Moving steadily outward, and always using the light, gentle tapping motion, keep moving outward to the outer corners of the eye, applying the serum as you go. Try not to get any serum too close to your bottom lashes, or you could get it in your eye. 

Continue to pat the product into the skin around the eye, always avoiding dragging your fingertip, or rubbing the skin in any way. Give the cream a minute or two to soak in completely, before continuing on with any other skincare routine.

Part of the reason for being stingy with your eye cream has nothing to do with trying not to use too much of a tube of expensive eye serum. If you use excess eye serum, it can easily end up in your eye, cause irritation, and potentially cause eye redness and tearing. Only use best eye cream on your upper lid, if the product specifically says it’s safe to do that. 

Live A Healthy Life For Bright Eyes 

Using a high SPF sunscreen is very important, especially around the eye area. Living a healthy life: getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, and staying away from drugs and alcohol, will help the area around your eyes always look well-rested.

What to look for in a good eye serum?

  • Vitamin C: an antioxidant that brightens up the skin
  • Vitamin E: offers moisturizing, soothing care to the eye area.
  • Vitamin K: helps dissipate dark circles and lessen swelling
  • Caffeine: helps with swelling and dark circles
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10): helps prevent wrinkles by lessening UV damage. 
  • Peptides: supports the production of collagen
  • Niacinamide: brightens the skin, and moisturizes. 
  • Hyaluronic acid: aids in elasticity and attracts moisture to the cells
  • Ceramides: improves the elasticity of the skin cells, and moisturizes
  • Alpha hydroxy acids: good for the treatment of hyperpigmented skin
  • Ferulic acid: protects against environmental pollutants
  • Chamomile: can be used for anti-inflammatory effect
  • Retinoids: used in the evening to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Once you’ve chosen your perfect eye serum, you’ll now know how to apply it so you can enjoy a younger, radiant look.

*Photos by Sora Shimazaki