How to Apply Essential Oils For Happiness And Energy

Posted March 18, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
Lavender essential oil

Essential oils are considered to be one of the most beneficial natural substances, originating from the core of plants, affecting both your mind and body in a positive way. Depending on the type you’re going to select, you’ll experience numerous merits, like relieving your mind from stress as well as eliminating the muscle tension. 

Moreover, you can apply it aromatically, topically or by having a massage or a bath. Nowadays, a popular application method is using inhalers, such as Be MOXE aromatherapy pens.

Read more about all methods to select the most suitable for you:


Most of the people prefer the aromatic method of application, as it involves coming in direct contact with the oil through inhalation. Therefore, it has the greatest influence on your emotions as well as your energy levels, instantly triggering the corresponding centers in the brain, responsible for sending signals to your limbs. Thus, every person has a specific reaction to a certain aroma, as it can stir up some of your deepest emotions or memories, which you might not have any recollection they ever existed. 

Moreover, there’re a couple of methods for breathing the oil in. For instance, you can take the bottle and hold it on a really close distance to your nose, but in case this method results in an extremely strong scent for you, than a wiser idea would be applying no more than a several drops on your palms. In this way, the scent won’t be as strong, but you’ll be still inhaling it directly. 

Additionally, perhaps the most convenient method of aromatic application is the aromatherapy inhalers that are suitable both for an indoor and outdoor use. They take the form of small tubes, easily fitted in your pocket or bag, filled with a combination of extracts of your choice. 

Enjoy a Massage or a Bath

Another effective way of applying essential oils is undoubtedly enjoying a massage or having a long bath. Apart from momentarily improving your mood, both of them will aid you in relieving all the tension and strain of your muscles. You can get your favorite essential oil blends online.

The former requires using a base oil along with the essential one in order to dilute it. Bear in mind that essential oils aren’t used in big quantities. On the contrary, you’re only supposed to use one teaspoon to achieve the desired effect. Read more about the various types and uses of base oils.  

When it comes to using them in baths, the lavender extract would probably be the best choice for providing you with a physical and mental relaxation. However, as oils can’t be dissolved in water, you’re supposed to use them in combination with bath salts, which are helpful in the process of dissolution. Without using salts, you would never experience the genuine effects, as the extract will simply remain on the surface. 


Topical use is yet another method of application, which involves using the extracts on your skin. It’s highly beneficial to apply it to those body parts that cause you a physical ailment. For example, in case you’re frequently suffering from splitting headaches, applying a peppermint extract directly to your temples would certainly help you alleviate the pain you’re feeling.

Anyhow, bear in mind that once again you’re supposed to use a base oil in order to dissolve the essential one. In case you don’t have one at the given moment, a regular body lotion would do the trick.

Freshen up Your Home

If you’re looking for a way to make your home look spotless, plenty of essential oils can help you in coming up with your own cleanser that is definitely going to be a lot safer for your family’s health than the cleaning agents you purchase from the store.

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Furthermore, selecting the right type of extract is going to prove helpful in the struggle you lead with mold, insects or germs. Perhaps, you’ll finally get rid of all the unwanted bacteria in your house. 

Using essential oils benefits both your physical and mental health. Make sure you find your favorite!