How to Be a Better Professional in Both Life and Business

Posted May 11, 2022 by in Career

Today we will talk about the tips that helped me to become a better professional in my work and how you can replicate the same tips in your life, even in business management.

1) I love to think of my business as a social enterprise. I work hard for the causes that I am passionate about, like Latinitas, and other organizations that aim to empower women in their businesses to grow. Anything that has to do with Latinas + Business + Arts is for me, but I am a very smart volunteer. Each year, I choose one to three nonprofits to support and maintain them throughout the year. This allows me to make an impact and deepen my ties to the community. I cannot express in words how rewarding this practice is. My recommendation to you is this: at the beginning of each year, identify initiatives close to your heart, set a budget of money and time, and invest in your favorite initiatives. Do it with passion!

2) Being on Instagram does not mean having an online business. The term “online” means that your business must be findable on at least Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, YouTube, and Yelp – all of which are free platforms for small business owners. Set up your business profile on each platform and then spend a small amount of time and money on them periodically. Let’s say you spend $100 one month on one platform, then the next month you spend $100 on the next platform, and so on until you find the best source to attract customers to your business. When you find the platform that works best for you, continue to invest in it periodically. You can make one post a month for the rest, just to keep your company current and let your business mature on these platforms, but the biggest investment will be in the one that brings you the most income. Don’t forget about TikTok. It’s always better to invest in advertisements for the latest trendy apps. TikTok is the latest and trendy one. You should buy TikTok likes on the videos that have a chance to go viral. It will help videos to go viral and let thousands of people see it on the “For You” page.

3) Develop yourself as a professional. Always take at least ONE class or certification that develops you as a professional. I personally do about four a year, which helps me stay motivated and focused. I usually take sales classes as I am trying to get stronger in that subject. I signed up for social media classes to be smart with my time and strategies. I also focus on mental health, as the happier I am, the more profitable I become. Invest in it. Taking classes consistently helps my business run on the latest trends like sales, accounting, law, leadership, diversity, social media, and tech hacks. Also, I read five to ten business books a year. I want to recommend some for you.

4) Protect your business with insurance. You may be surprised to learn that some business insurance can cost as little as $25 per month. Having insurance will protect your resources, your work and your legacy. My recommendation is the same, always quote 3 providers before making a decision.

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