How to Be a Great Leader and Team Builder at Work

Posted February 18, 2019 by in Career

Many companies require you to possess team building skills. This is because most employers feel that great team building promotes productivity at work. When teams get along, more work can get done. This is especially important for sales departments and customer relations. However, the only way for teams to produce good work is to have a strong leader. If a management role is your goal, you need to make sure you have strong team building and leadership skills. 

Some companies even hire event planning companies such as to help organize for these team building events; because sometimes employees in management roles need to further their skills in this department. If you’re unsure if you posses team building skills, read on: 

Communication Skills

To successfully coordinate and build a team, you need to possess great communication skills. Both verbal and written. This is because you need to express ideas well and resolve conflicts quickly. To foster this skill you also need to be a good listener. Such skills include: clarity, decoding body language, interpersonal communication skills and group discussions.

Problem Solving

This is another skill you must possess. It might be interpersonal conflicts among the group members or general problems that might arise at work. Examples of this skill include: Mediation, conflict resolution and devising ideas and strategies.

Leadership Skills

You need to have great leadership skills to be able to build a successful team. Examples of leadership skills include: complementing the team goals with the company goals, management, hiring and creating group norms.

Team Work

You cannot just have all these skills without being a team player. You can set an example for the group by showing them how to work well as a team. You can also organize some team building activities like work get to know you activities. You need to participate, listen and contribute ideas. Such skills include: ability to follow instructions, dependability, cooperation with other team leaders in other departments and the readiness and willingness to take on new tasks. 


Being a team builder also calls for you to be the cheerleader to positively motivate and inspire your team to work harder. You also need to acknowledge when a team member succeeds at a task or is doing an overall good job. A positive attitude will go a long way. Some of the skills related to motivation are: training positive group leaders, building positive relationship, and persuasiveness.


As a team leader, you need to ensure that each individual team member is supposed to contribute something towards a certain goal. You cannot do everything all by yourself. Delegation helps the team complete projects on time or ahead of time. Example of such skills are: giving clear work roles, assigning roles appropriately, time management, and clearly setting expectations.

Providing Feedback

You need to effectively communicate and give feedback to the team members. They need to know whether or not they are performing as required. This feedback should be issued on both a personal level and as a team.

As a team builder, you need to issue constructive criticism to the employees. You can offer some training and advise where necessary. Examples of such skills include: training and mentoring new members, coaching, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, evaluating the progress of the group, and coaching.

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