How to Be a Great Manager That Gets Respect

Posted November 17, 2022 by in Career
manager fist bumping team members at work

Senior staff often have a hard time filling their role. Do you crack the whip or be a friend? Well, neither will work. It would help if you were a great manager that gets respect. Here’s how.

Reward Your Team for Great Work

Your team is here to help all year long, and a great manager notices that and gives each member a reward for doing a good job. Rewarding your team is a great idea when they meet sales goals, finish important work early, or help each other. Standard rewards often include holiday gift certificates to give your team, extra money, and paid time off. Team-building exercises such as weekend trips are also invaluable for building strength and bonds.

Recognize the Differences in People

It is very important to understand differences in people if you want to create a work environment where everyone feels welcome. One study found that almost every worker has felt left out at work. Initially, you could demonstrate to your staff to understand that everyone has different experiences by showing them how to see matters from a different point of view. Then, you can have regular meetings with your team to get rid of harmful assumptions and divisions.

Be a Great Manager by Developing Skills

In the workplace, each person’s strengths are very valuable. But knowing the strengths of each team member and getting them to collaborate is very powerful. When you know how to identify the greatest competencies of each person, they will be more productive. Of course, it can be hard to see strengths at work. You can try a few things to figure out when a member of the team is most productive and what kind of work they really care about, such as actually asking them!

Be the Shining Example

Leading by example is a proverb and a widely accepted way to act around your employees so that they learn from you. The idea is that you can make your entire team a better unit by showing them how to conduct themselves instead of just telling them what to do. However, your examples and gestures need to be genuine. Your team will pick up on disingenuous actions. As a result, you could lose their respect altogether. Care, compassion, and fairness go a long way.

Trust Your Team to Make Decisions

You and your team may often disagree about trust because it works both ways. First, you have to be capable of relying on your team when assigning tasks. But there’s more to it than that, and they also have to trust you. Giving team members the power to make crucial choices about their duties or even how the group works to reach its goals is a great way to build trust. It would be best if you cared about their ideas and skills enough to let them take on certain obligations.

It’s perfectly possible to be a great manager that gets respect at work. First, reward your team for hard work. Also, help with skill development and trust your team with critical decisions.