How to Become a Budtender: The Ultimate Guide

Posted June 10, 2020 by in Career
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As the legalization of Marijuana continues, the recreational market does as well. The legal marijuana market segment was valued at 9.1$ billion in 2019 and is expected to grow all the way to 73.6$ billion by the year 2027. To say it is a lucrative business is an understatement. 

The same goes for the need of skilled professions to serve their part in the businesses that make up this market.

Professionals that know how to properly handle both the plant and provide quality customer service become more and more important.

Learn how to become a budtender and put your knowledge to work:

how to work at a weed dispensary

Proper Budtender Job Description

It is important to have a clear understanding of what this job truly entails. There is a misunderstanding that downplays the position and provides it with far less value and responsibility than it has.

They are a service representative, an educator, a story-teller. All of these things. There is the wrong perception in the minds of many, the “lazy-stoner” idea. 

Many states look to fight that by having strict regulations not only on hiring but on behavior at the dispensaries as well.

Keeping a Compliant Business

A very important part of the position is keeping the business up to code and making sure business practices are up to standard.

There are strict health and fire regulations in every state that have surprise inspections just as if they were a restaurant or any other type of business. It is primarily up to the budtender to make sure day to day operations are up to code.

The legal concerns of checking patient cards and ID cards fall on the budtender as well because they are the point of contact as the gatekeeper.

All sales and items must be packaged safely and accurately accounted for at all times.

Customer Care

This extends beyond simple sales and customer service, a budtender needs to be able to help a newcomer feel at ease. Many may be approaching marijuana for the first time.

Those purchasing it for medical use or simply trying it recreationally may never have in the past and have a lot of questions and potentially some anxiety concerning a negative experience.

Putting a new user at ease is even more important than making a big sale. Allowing that new guest to feel at ease and give them the best experience when return home is the true goal of the budtender.

A Wealth of Knowledge

You can’t sell a product without knowing a product. A tender needs to have a complete understanding of the product. But it goes further than just name, location, and what it is.

The most successful tender will know the history of the plant and what the experience will be, this will lend itself to the compassion and customer care as well.

To offer the best service when it comes to informing the guest a budtender will be able to tell the origin story of the plant. They will have an understanding of the biology of the plant.

It is important that they can tell what the parent or parents are of the plant being sold is. 

When dealing with a medical setting it is equally as important to understand treatment methods and how each strain can best serve the ailments of a guest. What combinations can offer the most comforting experience?

There is another side of this knowledge and it is the marketplace aspect. A tender must understand trends and pricing. What is popular both in strain and in consumption method.

Looking at competitions, at social media, even competitions to understand leading names and medical research. 

This is not a passive role. The field of cannabis production is constantly growing and changing and you as a tender are at the forefront in helping the business you are a part of following it.

How to Become a Budtender

Interestingly enough some locations hire through the government. Canada, for example, will post listings when looking for employees for dispensaries. You would technically be a government employee but the position is the same.

There are recruiters that work to hire for dispensaries as well. Much of the time it is a search and network game that comes down to key knowledge that the jobseeker must present themself with.

  • Understanding of chemical makeup surrounding Cannabinoids and Terpenes
  • Strain genetics
  • Consumption methods
  • Pricing, measuring, and weight conversion amounts
  • Top-selling and most requested product trends
  • History and details of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids
  • The science behind various cannabis products (ex patches, oils, vape pens)
  • Differing qualities of products and how it affects the user

All of these pieces of information are taken in addition to personality, customer service skills, and any other items that can set the perspective apart from the pack.

When employment comes up there is always the question, “how much does the position make on average.” 

If you are looking to seriously pursue this position or if this has sparked further interest in even more work within the cannabis industry, there is plenty of opportunities out there.

Hempstaff has curated information with this post involving many of the most important and most desired positions making contributions to the field. 

Providing Quality Experience

Pairing passion with experience is how to become a budtender in a blooming market that is only continuing to grow. There is a certain type of person they need for a position like this. 

If you have read this far there is no doubt that you are that type of person, you just need to look hard enough to find the right place. 

Take information with you and get the job you are meant for.

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