How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring without Getting Duped

Posted August 7, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Buying diamonds is a tricky business – especially if you don’t know what to look for. They are expensive, so you expect high prices, but putting a high price on something doesn’t make it real. 

We put together this short guide to recognizing what to look for when buying a diamond engagement ring. We don’t want you to get ripped off, so consider following these rules:

Look at the Setting

A great way to tell if you have a high-quality product is to look at the setting on the ring. The majority of diamond rings are still finished by hand, and those settings are difficult to get right. A low-quality ring will likely have a low-quality diamond in it. Also, think about the metals used. A professional jeweler is highly unlikely to place a diamond in a plated metal setting. A real diamond deserves real gold or silver.

Ask for Certification

Real diamonds come with certificates that say they are real. There is an organization in America that deals with this specifically, and they are known as the Gemological Institute of America. Certification assures you that your diamond has come from a reputable mine, and tells you when it was mined, too. This certification is one of the ways we can change the mining practices in the world to make them more ethical. 

Think About the Clarity

The better the clarity of the diamond, the more value is attached to the stone. Clarity describes how clear the diamond is, and how many imperfections are in it. Diamonds with inclusions tend to be yellow in color and therefore worth less. A diamond that is colorless and has perfect clarity is worth the most.

Ask About Carat

The last thing that you should ask about before you buy your diamond, is how it is valued in weight. Again, the bigger/heavier the diamond, the more it is worth. When we talk about diamonds, we refer to one carat being 0.2 grams of gemstone. If your carat is high, so is the worth of the stone.

Choose a Reputable Diamond Seller

There are plenty of con artists out there who are looking to rip you off for a quick buck. Don’t be fooled and choose a respectable local jeweler, instead. If you live in Texas, that means shopping somewhere like Shira Diamonds – Wholesale Diamonds to ensure you get the best deal, with the most choice in diamonds.

An experienced diamond seller will be able to tell you all about the diamond in your engagement ring. Better yet, they will be able to tell you all about the carat, the different shapes of stone, and the clarity, too. Trusting your diamond engagement ring buying experience into the hands of a professional is exactly the right thing to do if you are still confused.

*Photo by Leah Kelley