How to Care for a Human Hair Wig

Posted April 30, 2022 by in Beauty
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There are many reasons why an individual will choose to don a wig. Beyond the aesthetics, some have to wear a wig for medical reasons. Fortunately, technology has now paved the way for better-looking wigs to look more natural. If you don’t even mention it, no one may even know that you’re wearing a wig. Wearing a human hair wig gives you more leeway to style it as you please, without looking like you’re wearing fake hair. 

With that, however, comes a greater responsibility to take good care of it, as you would with your hair. It needs that extra tender, love, and care, given how the hair doesn’t have a natural scalp to take its nutrients from. When you care well for it, your wig will last long. Likewise, you can easily style it according to the latest hair and fashion industry trends.

Human hair wigs are becoming more popular. In fact, India is the second-largest supplier of human hair products, with its demand. 

In this article, you’ll come across the best insights on how to care for a human hair wig:

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  1. Learn When To Wash Your Wig

You’ll have to give your wig a bath like your natural hair. However, unlike hair on the scalp, it’s also not advisable to wash your wig every day. The average best time to wash human hair wig is at least once every week to two weeks of use.  

The general rule that applies with a human hair wig is that each time you wash your wig also means you’re shortening its lifespan. This is why you shouldn’t wash your wig any more than is necessary.  

  1. Avoid Wearing The Same Wig Daily

If you have to wear a wig every day, it’s good to have at least two to three wigs of the same style to use your wigs alternately. It’s not advised to wear the same wig every day, as doing so will only wear your wig out very soon. The reason goes back to how human hair wigs are more fragile than synthetic wigs. 

In addition, wearing the same wig too often will cause the threads to tear. Color-wise, expect it to start looking impacted and a change in its overall appearance.  

  1. Understand Why Human Hair Wigs Get Dry

One of the main problems with human hair wigs is that they may easily go dry. Here’s why.

Natural hair can get its oil supply from the sebum in the scalp. Because there’s no scalp, human hair wigs lack that supply of sebum. Moreover, there are additional factors that can contribute to the drying of your human hair wigs, like:

  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Hard water
  • Seawater

Reducing your wig’s exposure to those factors can help you prolong and extend its life. At the same time, you can maintain having a hair wig that looks like it’s full of life and moisturized for an extended period.

  1. Learn How To Wash Your Human Hair Wig

Now that you know when you should and shouldn’t wash your human hair wig, it’s essential to learn how to wash it. Proper washing is just as important to keep it in good condition.

To help you out, here’s a guide you may want to follow:

  • Before washing your wig, comb it out first to remove all the unnecessary tangles. 
  • When combing your human hair wig, be sure that you’re using only a recommended comb for wigs.
  • If you still have tangles despite combing, you may also want to try out using a spray conditioner to help loosen those tangles.
  • To wash your human hair wig, you can start by getting it wet under running water and let the cool water flow from the hair to the tips until it’s thoroughly wet.
  • Gently squeeze any excess water, then apply a human hair wig shampoo or a healthy shampoo, like a sulfate-free one, evenly over the hairpiece.
  • Lastly, use cool water to rinse all the shampoo away from the hair gently.
  1. Spend On Good-Quality Products

Wearing a human hair wig is an investment. So, you should also be willing to spend on the other necessary products for its upkeep. Don’t cut corners when it comes to the products you’ll use to wash your wigs. 

Remember that not all kinds of shampoos and conditioners work the same. You have to get in touch with a hairstylist to know what type of shampoo or conditioner will work best for the type of human hair wig you have.

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There’s no denying the fact of how challenging it is to top the natural beauty and look that human hair wigs can bring. So, if you’re the type to enjoy wearing a wig to change your look all-too-often, or you’ve needed to wear one for medical reasons, aim for no less than the best: through a human hair wig. For a wig wearer, your wig is a big investment. You need to take good care of it to make it last longer without losing its shine and beauty.