How to Celebrate Your Sister’s Bridal Shower This 2020

Posted August 31, 2020 by in Lifestyle
bridal shower table setting

A bridal shower is a women-only occasion held with the primary aim of an upcoming marriage ceremony. Traditionally, people held this event to bring gifts for the bride and help set a new home for the new couple. There is so much change with bridal shower etiquette, making it more confusing and hard to plan, especially if you have a sister to celebrate in 2020. 

During this time, it is hard to hold parties, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If this is your case, keep reading this article for ideas:

Choose a Date

If you are planning to celebrate your sister’s bridal shower in 2020, it is best to think of a specific date that is convenient for the parties involved. If you are the one to throw the party, you should be sure to communicate with the family and the friends involved.

It would help if you remembered to limit the number to adhere to restrictions against Covid-19. You can be flexible in your planning and settle for a date that suits you and your sister.

The planning timeline should also suit in-laws if they are among the guests. If you have no idea about the timing, you can ask friends for advice. You can also search online for ideas.

Invite Guests

The guest list should have a limited number of people. You should be familiar with the friends of the bride to know who to invite and who not to. It would help if you made sure that the people invited to the wedding are the ones to be in the list of bridal shower guests. You can’t invite someone that is not on the wedding list.

If your sister knows about the whole planning thing, she will tell you about the preferred bridal shower theme, time, and the party’s date. Be sure to remind everyone of Covid-19 measures like wearing a mask to the party.

Dress Code

When it comes to modern bridal showers, people like to have matching attire.  To best celebrate your sister’s bridal shower, you need to make sure that the attire you choose will make you all look adorable in group photos. You can also opt for bachelorette party shirts and tanks that will match with everyone instead of the traditional dress code.

The choice of t-shirts is an excellent one as it also helps you avoid the hassle of looking for an outfit for the event. To make it easy for you, you can look for reputable customer designs from the internet or ask friends for recommendations.


The location for the bridal shower depends on where the bride lives. You can choose to celebrate your sister’s bridal shower from her hometown. You can search for amazing destinations that will be appealing to her and host the party.

You should also search to know if the destination allows for parties in 2020. Can you afford the location? If you are working on a fixed budget, you can celebrate it from her hometown.


When your sister is tying the knot, you know that you need to look for the best gift ever. We all know that the gifting part is the most vital part of the event. If you need to call it a celebration, then you need a gift. If she has a bridal shower registry, you can pick something from the list and buy it. If this is not the case, make sure you research ideas on a gift that will impress her. The best idea is to pick something that will play a big part in her new life as a married woman.

simple Bridal bouquet

We understand that it is hard to host a party in 2020, but if you are taking the necessary safety measures, you don’t have to postpone it. You can successfully celebrate your sister’s bridal shower in 2020 with the necessary knowledge and careful planning. Make the event a spectacular one and memorable for the bride.