Sleep Better Tonight — Everything You Need to Know about Mattress Buying

Posted February 3, 2015 by in Home

It is a truth acknowledged by all that the key to a productive day is a good night’s sleep. If you sleep well, the rest of your day feels like unicorns and rainbows. Am I right?

One of the reasons it is important to get a restful and comfortable slumber is because it dramatically reduces the amount of stress in your body. But how do you get the good night’s sleep your body craves?  To ensure you are both calm and rested every morning (so you can take on the world), there’s three things you need to focus on: the lighting in your bedroom, the temperature, and the mattress.

To get you started on operation deep sleep, we’re going to focus on the mattress.

Mattress Buying Guide

How to Choose a Mattress (because you’re an adult now)

Do you wake up with back pain every morning? Do you feel exhausted even after eight full hours of sleep? It could be how you’re sleeping, but it’s most likely your mattress. Below are three different things you should consider when it comes to buying a mattress:

1. Firmness

While the preference will vary from person to person, it is crucial that you choose a mattress that is not too soft or fluffy. Such a mattress can increase stress on the spine and lead to poor posture and back pain. You’re going to want a mattress that’s firm, but still comfortable.

If you find yourself at a home store, ask the assistant if sitting on the mattress is acceptable. It is generally a good way to ensure you have the right firmness.

2. Quality and Surface Texture

Opting for mattresses with fancy designs might be popular, but one must keep in mind that bumps and ridges on the surface can potentially cause great damage to the spine. Lumps and sags are another thing to look out for and avoid while you are choosing a mattress.

3. Type

There are primarily three types of mattresses:

Waterbed – These are preferred by those who like cushion-y surfaces. However, they might take some getting used to. Before you invest in one it might be a good idea to test it out at your friend’s house.

Innerspring – One of the most popular types of mattress, innersprings are durable, comfortable and cost-effective.

Polyurethane Foam – Another popular option, the foam mattress is generally softer than the innerspring ones. They also do a great job distributing your bodyweight evenly.

Choosing the right quality of mattresses is an important task for any person, no matter what their age and occupation. These days, there are many brands such as the MOD Mattress, the Supra Mattress, and the Grand Master. Among the three, the MOD and the Grand Master mattresses are of the foam variety and offer superior comfort. The Supra Mattress promises to combine durability and comfort while being relatively cost-effective.

If you’re on a mattress hunt, always look at mattress sales for the best possible price. If you don’t have to pay full price, why would you? You could also do your research on mattress startups like Casper and Tuft & Needle.

At the end of the day, however, the consistency of the mattress is a matter of personal preference and one must always stick to what is most comfortable and suitable for them in order to get a great nights sleep.

If buying a new mattress isn’t a financial option for you at the moment, consider adding a mattress pad to your current bed. It’ll give you a feel of a new mattress until you can invest in what you really want.

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