How To Choose a Uniform From a High School Uniform Store

Posted October 21, 2020 by in Lifestyle

This school year will be remembered for being unique in terms of safety precautions and regulations, manifested differently in all corners of the globe. Although the students taking online classes won’t need their uniforms until the pandemic settles down, those attending regular classes are still required to wear proper apparel. 

The choice of high school uniform should be based on a multitude of factors like size, colors, fabrics, and labeling. Students are not only supposed to dress adequately but feel comfortable in the garments they wear. 

We hope the following tips prove helpful when shopping for such apparel. 

Choose the Right Size

Size is probably the most significant aspect to consider when looking for a high school uniform. In order to select the right size, parents are recommended to take body measurements of their children. Afterward, when shopping for apparel, they are supposed to match the taken measurements with the size charts of stores. Read here for some practical tips about measuring one’s body for clothing sizes. 

Although students in secondary school don’t grow as fast as those in elementary, it’s essential for the apparel not to be overly tight. In the case of female school uniforms, parents are advised to purchase tights that are two sizes larger than the actual size of the wearer. These are most susceptible to shrinkage after being washed a couple of times.

Keep in mind that picking the ideal size would save you from taking the apparel back to the store in return for a new pair or asking for a refund.

Moreover, parents are encouraged to purchase high school uniforms as soon as possible, not do the shopping a week before students start going to school. The longer you wait to choose a model, the lower the chances of finding the size you need. Since most of the students wear the same size, the largest part of uniform stores runs out of sizes surprisingly fast. 

Opt for Dark Colors

Color is another crucial aspect to take into account when looking for a high school uniform. Secondary schools are specific in terms of uniform colors, mainly allowing students to wear navy, red, white, gray, and khaki garments. Although light colors suit most pupils better, clothing items in dark colors are easier to clean. 

Therefore, parents are encouraged to purchase apparel in dark tones in order for stains to be less visible. Fortunately, most of the stores that sell high school uniforms provide customers with a vast assortment of models in different colors. Dark apparel is forgiving to stains, mud, and dirt, hence facilitating the washing and stain-removing process.

In contrast, white garments don’t go in favor of stains and are more challenging to clean. 

Buy Two Outfits

Most parents end up purchasing more outfits than students need, thus spending more than the planned budget and doing more laundry. In fact, high school pupils need no more than two outfits that consist of multiple pieces of clothing. 

Furthermore, when shopping for male apparel, make sure you purchase more pairs of pants than shorts, as the latter are only worn a limited period throughout the year. Similarly, short-sleeve tops are considered more convenient than long-sleeve blouses. In the course of winter, students can wear a sweater or jacket over the T-shirt, which keeps them perfectly warm. 

Look for Quality

The fabric quality is of the utmost importance when shopping for high school uniforms, as it affects the look, maintenance, and durability of the apparel. Make sure you invest in a uniform that is both stain-resistant and wrinkle-resistant to avoid spending too much time on washing and ironing. Shirts that are resistant to staining allow parents to remove them effortlessly, which isn’t the case with garments made from regular fabrics. 

In addition, you are advised to choose apparel made from no-iron material so as to waste less time on ironing. When choosing trousers, it’s important to buy a model with reinforced knees and double stitching, much less susceptible to wear and tear.

Visit the following link,, to check out eight types of fabrics that require no ironing. 

In terms of shoes, make sure you purchase scuff-resistant footwear made from leather. These models are known to be highly durable and more resistant to dirt. Shoes are supposed to be neither too tight nor loose, but the perfect fit. Given the time students spend wearing them, comfort should be guaranteed. 

Don’t Forget Labeling

After deciding on the right size, colors, and fabrics, parents are supposed to ensure the uniforms of their children are adequately labeled. Nowadays, almost all uniform stores offer personalized labels for their apparel in the form of nametags. You’re recommended to label each item to find it more easily in the event of misplacement. 

Moreover, some schools require pupils to have the logo of the educational institution printed on the apparel. There’s no reason to worry if the institution where your children study imposes the same requirement, as logos can be easily printed or embroidered.

Most stores provide services like logo printing and embroidery in any size and shape the customers require. Keep in mind that printed logos are more prone to fading, whereas the embroidered ones are more long-lasting. 

This kind of apparel should be comfortable, durable, and compliant with the rules of educational institutions.

It’s supposed to be chosen carefully!