How To Choose The Best School For You

Posted February 5, 2020 by in Career
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If you’re looking into getting a degree and pursuing further education, you might be wondering where on earth to start. With a vast array of courses on offer, it can be tricky to narrow down the options. Thankfully, the infographic below contains some fantastic tips to help you choose the best school. 

One of the first things you might consider is whether to apply for a course that provides specific skills or one that has a more rounded approach. This might depend on the skills you already have, and also on the kind of job you’d like to be offered once you’ve completed your studies. Employers are almost evenly matched on this subject, with a more rounded knowledge base slightly more appealing. 

Another factor to think about is the balance between theoretical and practical learning. Over 60% of students prefer to learn on the job, and 58% prefer hands-on learning resources. Multimedia learning is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the availability and accessibility of online resources. Despite the popularity of hands-on techniques, only 1 in 4 students say their college concentrates on this form of teaching.

Finding the right school is crucial for many reasons, not least for helping you find a job you want. Almost 30% of unemployed adults have been looking for a job for at least 6 months, while 25% of young people have taken a job that is not related to their skill set and are planning to quit soon. Over 90% of MBA graduates in 2012 had already secured a job offer by the time they graduated and over 75% said that their course had set them up to take advantage of employment opportunities.

To find a school that is right for you, it’s beneficial to consider your learning preferences, to look for training opportunities, to research ties with employers and local businesses and to search for colleges that offer flexible options. 

Infographic Created By Northeastern University

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