How To Choose The Perfect CPAP Masks For You

Posted August 17, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

CPAP machines are used to treat sleep apnea, a breathing disorder in which breathing starts and stops constantly during sleep. Sleep apnea results from the muscles in the throat relaxing and vibrating, causing interference with consistent, clear breathing patterns. If the condition is neglected, issues like high blood pressure and heart issues may result. 

Each person needs a CPAP sleep mask that works for their needs and sleeping position. There are three standard CPAP sleep mask designs: nasal pillow, nasal, and full-face. Contact a sleep specialist to determine the most appropriate CPAP sleep mask for you. 

You might also need a CPAP pillow to make wearing your mask more comfortable. Be sure to follow the advice you receive from your sleep specialist. Not every CPAP sleep mask is suitable or safe for every CPAP user. In addition to listening to your specialist’s recommendations, consider the following information as you learn more about various CPAP mask options, such as Rapid CPAP, that may be right for you. 

Finding Comfort And Effectiveness In A CPAP Mask 

Many factors go into deciding on the right CPAP mask. Your comfort is important but is secondary to finding a mask that does not lead to air leaks or interfere with treatment success. Consider the mask’s layout, the dimensions, and where the device will fall on your face while sleeping. Ideally, you’ll find a mask that is both effective and comfortable. 

Sleep Masks For Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you already have the upper hand in reducing the likelihood of your airway being impacted while using your CPAP mask. One option may be to use nasal pillow masks, which rest above the pillow. Nasal masks are an additional choice to consider, as these masks cover the nose either partially or entirely. Based on your specialist’s recommendations, whichever you choose may also be accommodated by a pillow that supports the density of the mask. 

Sleep Masks For Back Sleepers 

If you sleep on your back, you’ll likely have the option to work with any mask that fits and does not encourage you to adjust your sleeping position. Unfortunately, while back sleepers have their pick of masks, sleeping on your back can lead to airway collapses. Your doctor may advise you to switch your sleeping position to address this. 

Sleep Masks For Stomach Sleepers 

If you sleep on your stomach, it will be challenging to find a mask, given that sleeping on your stomach places pressure on the face, leading to consistent air leaks. In these cases, the best option is a nasal pillow mask and the right pillow. Nasal pillows are the least likely to cause discomfort, no matter how you sleep.

Contact Your Specialist To Get Started 

The most effective way to choose the perfect CPAP mask for you is to get in touch with your doctor and sleep specialist to receive professional CPAP mask recommendations. You can browse retailers and purchase your CPAP mask with your prescription. 

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