How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face

Posted June 14, 2023 by in Fashion

When it comes to finding the ideal eyeglass frames, it’s more than simply selecting a style you prefer. It is equally crucial to consider your face shape and features to ensure the frames harmonize with your overall appearance. With plenty of options available, picking the perfect frames may seem overwhelming.

The glasses you choose should not only fit well on your face but also align with your personality. Ill-fitting glasses can lead to discomfort and strain on your eyes. While adjusting glasses frames is possible, it’s advisable to seek assistance from eyewear professionals like Visionworks. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect eyeglass frames for your face:

1.      Identify your face shape

Determining your face shape is the first step toward finding the ideal eyeglass frame. Here are some common face shapes and the frames that suit them best:

  • Round face: If you have soft, curved features with similar width and length, angular frames can help add definition and structure to your face. Rectangular or square-shaped frames with sharp angles will provide balance and make your face appear longer and slimmer.
  •  Square face: A square face features a strong jawline and a broad forehead. To soften the angularity, choose frames with round or oval shapes. Rimless or semi-rimless frames can also be flattering as they reduce the emphasis on your jawline and add a touch of elegance.
  •  Oval face: An oval face is versatile and suits various frame styles. Experiment with different shapes, such as rectangular, cat-eye, or geometric frames. However, make sure the frames are proportionate to your face size to maintain a harmonious look.
  • Heart-shaped face: With a broad forehead and a narrow chin, heart-shaped faces benefit from frames that balance out the width of the forehead. Opt for bottom-heavy frames, such as aviators or cat-eye frames, to draw attention downward and create a sense of symmetry.
  • Oblong face: If your face is longer than it is wide, choose frames that add width and break up the vertical lines. Wide frames with embellishments or decorative temples can help achieve this. Avoid narrow frames that make your face appear longer.

2.      Consider your skin tone and hair color

Your skin tone and hair color can greatly influence how certain frame colors and materials look on you. Consider the following for different skin tones:

  •  Skin tones with warm undertones: For individuals with warm undertones (such as yellow, peachy, or golden hues), consider selecting frames in earthy tones like tortoiseshell, brown, gold, or olive green. These color choices will complement and blend harmoniously with your skin complexion.
  • Skin tones with cool undertones: For those with cool undertones (such as pink, blue, or red hues), choose frames in shades of silver, black, gray, blue, or purple to enhance your facial features.
  • Hair color: Consider your hair color when selecting frames, as it can either harmonize or contrast with the frames. For example, if you have dark hair, bold or dark frames can create a striking look. Conversely, lighter frames can provide subtle contrast and highlight lighter hair colors.

3.      Pay attention to proportions and fit

Besides your face shape, it’s crucial to find frames that fit your face correctly. Ill-fitting frames can be uncomfortable and compromise your appearance. Remember the following:

  • Proper frame size: Frames that are either excessively large or too small for your face can disrupt the overall balance. The frames should align with your brow line and not extend beyond the widest part of your face.
  • Bridge fit: The bridge of the frames should rest comfortably on your nose without slipping or causing pressure. Consider the width and height of the bridge when trying on frames.
  • Temple length: The temples (arms) of the frames should extend past your ears and rest lightly on the sides of your head. They should not press against your temples or be too loose.
woman in gold eyeglasses

Finding the ideal eyeglass frames encompasses more than simply personal style preferences. When taking into account factors such as your facial structure, complexion, hair shade, and appropriate sizing, you can discover frames that harmonize with your unique attributes, augmenting your overall look. It’s important to bear in mind that the right frames not only offer clarity of vision but also bolster your self-assurance, instilling a sense of delight whenever you wear them. So, unleash your style potential and enjoy finding the eyeglass frames that truly represent you!

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