How to Choose the Right Foundation Shade for Your Skin Tone

Posted February 9, 2023 by in Beauty

Women around the world are aware that choosing foundation is not only about finding a brand or a shade that you find appealing.

With many products, you can easily find a great item by talking with your friends, family members, or colleagues about the product that worked well for them.

Such a method is not always useful with face makeup, especially foundation. Buying the correct foundation is about more than brand names; it’s also about assessing your skin tone and condition before making a purchase.

Everyone’s skin tone is slightly different, which can result in a specific shade of foundation being ideal for their daily use case. 

Below is our assessment of how to choose the ideal foundation shade for your skin tone. By following these tips you will have a much easier time buying foundation and all your other makeup products and accessories.

Blonde woman applying makeup in front of red backgrou d

Testing, testing, testing

There is no better way to know about your ideal foundation shade until you try several options. If you are able to get to a beauty store in your area, then you can try their samples to ensure that you are picking the ideal color.

Even if you are buying foundation online, many retailers now allow you to buy smaller samples to understand what product will work perfectly with your skin tone. When you’re not 100% sure about the perfect shade, you can still test several samples as they will appear similar in color to your skin tone.

How to assess foundation shades

Many women are confused about the best way to test foundation when they are at a store, or when they are applying several samples from an online retailer. You may not want to put an entire face-worth of foundation on each time you want to assess a shade, as that would be a waste of time and foundation! A quick trick that you can use is to take a spot towards the center of your face, apply a dab of foundation, and then blend that foundation out towards the hairline. That ensures the foundation is matching on the sides of your cheeks and the middle of your neck. You only need a modest amount to perform such a test. Next, compare your skin tone in that area with your neck. If your neck is lighter, then you need a lighter shade. If the shade of your neck is darker when compared with your face, you may want to get a slightly darker tone of foundation.

Slightly tweaking your skin color appearance

One of the reasons that women do apply foundation and makeup is because they want their skin tone to look subtly different. You may be entirely happy with how your face looks without makeup, but slightly tweaking the shade can result in a more vibrant and beautiful appearance. If that’s the case, you may want to apply some foundation to your neck area as well. Such a method will ensure that when you are stepping outside, your face does not look several shades lighter or darker than your neck. Even if the difference is not noticeable in specific lighting, it will be very evident outside in the sun, and also apparent if you’re posing for photos or taking selfies.

How much foundation to apply

Another way to ensure that you are applying foundation in the best possible way is to understand your use case. If you are hoping for a lighter makeup look, perhaps for stepping outside to run errands or have coffee with a friend, you only need light-to-medium coverage. When you’re only popping out for a few hours, your makeup doesn’t have to look perfect for the whole day. However, when you’re stepping outside for a long day at work and then going out with friends, or you’re planning a fun weekend outing, you may want to apply more foundation. Applying long-wear foundation in such an instance will ensure that you look great even 10 or 12 hours later.

Travel makeup kit

Brushing up on your makeup when you’re out of the house for the whole day is a helpful way to always look your best. The problem is that you may not want to take your entire makeup kit with you for such outings. However, you can invest in a travel makeup kit that includes foundation and other touch-up tools, enabling you to look perfect when you’re going out for drinks after work or spending the whole day out of the house on a fun adventure with friends.

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