How to Choose the Right Shower Screen (and keep it looking brand new)

Posted April 20, 2022 by in Home

Are you looking to finish setting up your new bathroom space, get rid of your old shower curtain and install a modern shower screen instead? Below are tips on how to choose the right shower screen

What Size Shower Screen Do I Need?

The size of your shower screen will depend on the desired length of your shower enclosure or the available bathroom space. The first step is to measure out the area before making a purchase.

Sizes that are available are:

Standard size shower screens

Most companies that pre-assemble their shower screens do so in the standard measurements. The width is usually between 65 to 150 centimetres, while the height is about 220 centimetres. It is big enough to fit any medium-sized bathroom.

Custom size shower screens

If you want a custom-made, larger shower screen, you can send your preferred measurements to the companies such as Virginia Shower And Bath. Compared with the actual size of the bathroom space, the experts will use your details to make a fantastic shower screen that fits your home.

Different Types of Shower Screens

Shower screens come in different types. Depending on your needs, here are several things to watch out for when buying your shower screen. 


Modern shower screens come in different shapes. There are round, quadrant, rectangular, alcove, square, and pentagonal glass shower screens. The layout of your bathroom will determine the ideal fit if you are undecided. 


You have the option of having a frame for your shower screen or going frameless. Framed shower screens are cheaper, do not leak, and are easy to install. On the other hand, frameless shower screens can be custom-made to various designs and are easier to clean and maintain. They also do not have metal parts that can easily corrode.


Shower screens can have sliding, folded, pivoting, angled, curved, or hinged doors. The curved, sliding, bent, or bi-folding shower screen doors fit perfectly in small bathroom spaces. If you have a lot of room, choose the pivot or hinged shower screen doors as they open outwards.


Do a thorough search and go through customer reviews of the available shower screen brands from local manufacturers in your region. Then, consult with an expert to recommend the best brand perfect for your home.

Extra fittings

Besides the physical appearance of your shower screen, you need to consider the functionality of the space. Determine the location and number of fixtures required, such as showerheads and taps. Decide if you require steam features or seating in the enclosure. Install proper drainage and a tray separating the shower space from the rest of the bathroom.

What Makes a Good Shower Screen?

A good shower screen should be stylish, functional, and durable. To achieve this, choose the perfect one for your home based on:

Glass quality

Pick the thickest, toughened glass available for your shower screen. The superior quality and luxurious glass will be tough enough to handle the regular opening and closing of the doors.


If you want your shower screen to last long, invest in a high-quality product. Although it may be costly, you can get a medium-range screen that is equally safe and strong.

How Long Does a Shower Screen Last?

A sturdy and well-installed shower screen should last more than 20 years. Ensure you get it installed by someone with experience. Proper and regular maintenance is also essential. Check that the hinges are still tightly fixed and there are no visible cracks on the glass. To effectively clean the shower screen, use a sponge and a mixture of water, white vinegar, and baking soda. 

Picking the ideal shower screen can be a daunting task with so many options available, all with pros and cons. That’s why it’s essential to consult a professional who will visit your home and provide expert recommendations on what is best. 

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