How to Choose What to Wear for a Zoom Meeting

Posted February 17, 2021 by in Career

It’s a bit awkward to dress well during a Zoom meeting. You’re at home, and no one sees you except the people on the screen. However, you’re still in a professional setting, and it helps to wear the right outfit. These are tips for choosing what to wear for a Zoom meeting:

Woman sitting on bed working on a HP laptop.

Find Something Comfortable 

The first thing you need to do is to find something comfortable to wear. You’re still at home, and you don’t want to be too fancy to the point that you’re no longer comfortable. Besides, everyone is at home. No one will appreciate it if you wear something beyond what is expected of you.

Wear Clothing Based on Your Role in the Meeting

Another tip is to wear something based on your role in the meeting. If you’re going to present, you might want to step it up a bit. However, if you’re only one of the listeners, there’s no point in exerting too much effort. You don’t want to upstage the person with a more essential role during the meeting. Try to find something simple but good enough. 

Find Something Fun But Still Professional 

It’s your chance to look at your closet and wear something you love. Make sure that whatever you choose, it will still reveal your personality. If you’re fun-loving and energetic, it’s a quality that your colleagues miss about you. You have the opportunity to prove to them that you’re still the same person even if you haven’t gone to the office for a long time.

Wear the Clothes You Miss Wearing 

Since you’re at home all the time, you might miss some of your fancy clothes. It’s time to search for them in your closet and wear them. Besides, some of them might be expensive. You don’t want to keep them in your closet forever. If this work from home set up lasts for a few more months, you should try to wear these wonderful clothes during a meeting.

Improve Your Closet

On a regular working day, you might not easily find the clothes you want to wear. Your closet is too small, and you can’t dig into the different areas to search for what to wear. Now that you have a chance to improve your house, you should start with your closet. Talk to custom closet builders and let them know the design you want to have. They might give you some ideas that will be perfect for your bedroom. You can check out for more ideas.

Once you have expanded and improved the closet, it will be easier to locate the clothes you want to wear. When things get back to normal, you won’t have a problem anymore.

For now, you can enjoy dressing up during Zoom meetings. You can impress your colleagues with your fashion choices. It also shows that you take your job seriously. Some of them might not even consider wearing pants during a Zoom meeting. Adjusting to this work setup can be challenging, but you can always find a way to enjoy the process.