How to Clean a Kohler Stainless Steel Sink

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Keeping your stainless steel sink clean is an essential thing. If you are looking for a guide on how to clean Kohler stainless steel sink, then you are in the right place.

Since the different cleaning methods offer varying cleaning results, this article will discuss the best way to clean Kohler prolific sink. Cleaning your stainless steel sink help in the following ways;

  • Prevent foodborne diseases
  • Extends the lifespan of the sink
  • Improves the appeal of the sink
  • It keeps you on the safer side  (health-wise)

Therefore, to prevent your sink from producing an awful smell and being free from bacteria, it is essential to keep it clean.

According to manufacturers’ instructions, some materials should never be used to clean a stainless steel sink. That is because those materials may leave scratches on the sink or fail to clean it well. Below is a step-by-step guide to cleaning Kohler stainless steel sink.  The guide includes;

Step 1. Choose a moderate abrasive material

Many people make the mistake of cleaning a sink with any material that they come across. According to studies, a material with moderate abrasive is a good option. That is because it would scratch the sink surface hard, leaving some marks. Using a soft material isn’t good since the material will not remove specks of dirt from the sink’s surface. Therefore, it would help if you choose a moderate abrasive piece of fabric. 

Step 2. Use a suitable cleaner

Having the right Kohlerstainless steel sink cleaner is a great thing. It is essential to understand that not every cleanser is suitable for your stainless steel sink.

That is because some cleaning products can cause more damage to your sink by introducing more stains. If you do not know the right cleaning products to use, read reviews for the available stainless sink cleaning products.

Squeeze the cleaner directly on the wet sink surface and use the moderate abrasive material mentioned in the previous step to clean. 

Step 3. Clean in the finish lines direction

After pouring the cleaning products in step 2, now this is the actual cleaning process.  Rub the surface of the stainless steel gently to make a Kohler sink look new. The piece of material you choose should be able to remove all specks of dirt on the sink. If the dirt persists on the surface, apply more force until the particles become loose. It is always good to rub in the direction of finish lines to leave the surface clean. Once you are done with this step, you are few steps to restoring the new look of the sink. 

Step 4. Rinse the cleanser 

Rinsing the cleanser and the sink is the other step that helps you to remove lost dirt particles, soapy water, and other impurities from the sink.

You can choose to use either warm or cold water to rinse the sink. If there are some remaining dirt particles on the sink’s walls, the hot/warm water makes them loose for easy cleaning. After rinsing the sink, it should have restored its new look. 

Step 5. Use vinegar to clean hard water spots and rust stains

Vinegar is among the essential products that you need to have in your home/kitchen. That is because the products help to achieve a thorough cleaning. It is recommended to use vinegar to clean your sink if it contains some hard water sports and rust after cleaning. Rusting can be caused by several things. 

Although Kohler stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, failing to follow the proper care and maintenance tips can make the sink rust. Rusting occurs when there is iron in the water.

When iron oxidizes, there is the formation of orange-red stains. Therefore, if your sinks have some rusts stains either caused by iron or anything, vinegar will help you clean those stains. To achieve that, you need to pour a few drops of vinegar on the sink and use a moderate abrasive cloth to clean. 

Step 6. Dry the sink

Using a dry soft piece of paper or towel will help you wipe out excess water on the sink. 

Step 7. Polish the stainless steel with oil or flour

Since there are various ways to polish your stainless steel sink after washing, you can choose any suitable method. Using olive oil or flour can help you to polish your sink and restore stainless steel sink into its new condition.

Before applying oil, you need to ensure the sink is not wet. When you use oil in a wet sink, it will be hard to achieve the best results. Avoid leaving some patches on your sink when you apply oil on the sink while wet. If your sink is moist, it would be best touse flour and rub it off after some minutes to polish it. 

Tips on How to Care For Your Stainless Steel Sink

Keeping our sink in the best condition is essential. That is because it helps extend the lifespan of the sink and keeps it in good condition at all times. If you are looking for a guide to care for your stainless steel sink, the following tips will help you. They include;

  • Always keep your sink clean
  • Do not rub the sink surface using objects that  can damage the sink surface

Things such as steel wire and metallic brushes should be avoided when cleaning Kohler stainless steel sink. That is because they may embed iron particles, making the surface of the sink rust due to oxidation.

  • Please do not allow the acidic substance to sit in your sink for a long time since they erode the sink
  • Use stainless steel grind to protect the surface of the sink
  • Use non-abrasive cleaning products
  • Scrub in the direction of the grain to give the sink a polished finish

Frequently asked questions

  1. How often do I need to clean Kohler stainless steel sink?


It is recommended to ensure you clean and disinfect your sink at least once per week to ensure you prevent microorganisms from populating.

  1. What can I use to clean my stainless steel sink?


Several cleaners can help you clean your sink well. Those cleaners include white vinegar, lemon oil, flour, or olive oil to give an excellent polish, dish soap, and other reputable cleaning products. 

Therefore, if you have been looking for a Kohler steel sink cleaning guide, the above-discussed steps will help you. As discussed earlier, you need to choose an excellent non-abrasive piece of material.

Buy a suitable cleaning product. Know the right way to clean the sink. Cleaning in the direction of the grain direction is always recommended. Rinsing with clean water will help to remove the dirt washed and other particles from the sink. Use vinegar to clean hard water stains and areas with rust. Lastly, dry the sink before polishing with suitable oil or flour. 

After carrying out all the steps discussed above, you will have cleaned your stainless steel sink well. Therefore you will require to care for your sink using the right tips. The top tips for caring for our stainless steel sink should follow to keep the sink in the best condition.

Things like maintaining sink clean all the time, avoiding highly abrasive material when cleaning, following the manufacturer’s instruction and keeping away acidic substances, are essential. That is because they help to keep the sink in good condition and improve its lifespan.

Lastly, by considering all the things discussed above, they will give you the best answer to how to clean Kohler stainless steel sink.

*Photo by Andrea Piacquadio