How to Clean Ears at Home Naturally

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Although ears seem like small structures, they are as important as any large organ or part of your body. This is because not only do ears help you hear and build useful connections but they also let you walk straight by maintaining physical balance. 

Ears also have wax that maintains the hygiene and immunity of the ears. It also cleans up itself. However, excessive accumulation of wax in the ears interferes with their functions. This leads to the need for cleaning externally. 

Therefore, if you are looking for methods on how to clean ears at home naturally, let us help you with this guide. 

Methods to Clean Ears at Home Naturally

There are two ways to clean your ears; one is at an ENT clinic and the other is by yourself at home. As the latter is more economical, let us share the foolproof methods on “how to clean ears at home naturally”.

1. Irrigation of the Ear Canal

If the wax in your ears just started building up and you can feel that it is not yet hard or impacted, you can irrigate the ear to remove the already soft wax. It works by creating pressure in the ear canal and exerting the wax out of the ear.

Here are the steps to irrigate the ear canal, 

  • Take a rubber syringe and fill it with an irrigation-friendly liquid like warm water or normal saline 
  • Go above a sink and tilt your head in a direction opposite to that of the affected ear
  • Pull the outer part of your ear and insert a stream of liquid from your rubber syringe with pressure 
  • Keep putting water into the ear until it starts flowing out
  • Now, turn the head towards the sink to remove excess water and dry your outer ear with a towel

2. Softening the Hard Ear Wax

It is more likely that your ear wax is already impacted when you start feeling the symptoms. In such cases, it is important to soften the wax. 

Softening might allow the wax to be removed on its own by movements of the jaw and it makes ear irrigation more effective as well. Therefore, using one of the following agents to soften the wax, 

  • Oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or baby oil
  • Glycerine 
  • Homemade solution of peroxide or rubbing alcohol 

All you have to do is put a few drops of slightly warm solutions mentioned above and repeat this twice a day for 3 to 7 days. 

3. Using Over-the-Counter Ear Cleaning Solutions

In addition to household solutions, some over-the-counter ear drops are also available to remove the hard and stubborn ear wax. These solutions contain a precise concentration of ingredients that dissolve the wax. 

Such solutions include,

  • 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide 
  • Carbamide peroxide 
  • Ear drops 
  • Ear sprays 

The procedure of using these solutions is the same as that of home remedies. Plus, you can use rubbing alcohol to dry your ear after you wash it with warm water. 

4. Using a Professional-Grade Ear Camera

Often, it is recommended to visit a doctor instead of trying natural remedies to get rid of the ear wax. This is because there is a risk of patients harming their ears with inappropriate methods as they cannot put the object blindly in the ears. 

To solve this, Bebird came up with HD ear cameras having precise tweezers and soft spoons to remove the wax. Its Bebird Note5 Pro ear camera can help you remove the ear wax safely at home when other remedies do not seem to work or you are too afraid of using them. 

Tips to Prevent Buildup of Excessive Earwax and Maintain Health of the Ears 

You do not have to try any remedy if your ears have no excessive wax, right? 

Therefore, let us discuss some tips to prevent the buildup of excessive wax in the ears. 

1. Maintaining Ear Health with Proper Hygiene 

Maintaining ear hygiene helps in keeping the amount of wax in the ears in check. You can do so by, 

  • Regularly check the condition of your ears with an ear camera like that by Bebird to know if the wax is building up
  • Drying your ears with a towel every time you sweat 
  • Take a healthy diet as some foods increase the production of wax in the ears 
  • Do not insert objects like cotton swabs, hair pins, safety pins, paper pins, or anything sharp or blunt into your ears
  • Do not use ear candles either as they burn the ear rather than melting the wax 

2. Importance of Adequate Cleaning and Keeping Ears Dry

It is important to note that your ears can clean themselves most of the time. Over-cleaning causes the ears to produce more wax because of a feedback mechanism. So, the risk of wax impaction increases. 

Therefore, only clean your ears when needed. Furthermore, the addition of sweat or water into the ears enhances the quality of sweat. So, take measures to keep your ears dry. 

3. Routine ENT Checkups and Professional Ear Cleaning

We often get ear problems that might lead to reduced hearing, vertigo, and tinnitus. In such cases, the best approach is to visit a doctor. Moreover, regular Checkups by an ENT specialist help in early diagnosis and reduce the incidence of such diseases. 

In addition, get your ears cleaned professionally instead of trying home remedies if you already have a history of ear surgery, trauma, or any ENT disorder. 

Therefore, one of the best tips for preventing the buildup of ear wax and its associated diseases will be contacting a doctor when needed. 

Whenever you experience an issue with your hearing, have discomfort or pain in the ear, or feel itching in the ear canal, one of the major culprits is the excessive ear wax that needs a cleanup. 

To clean up the buildup of ear wax, there are several natural remedies that you can try. The top of these include ear cleaning drops, ear wax softening solutions, ear irrigation, and at-home ear cameras. Lastly, there are certain conditions where professional ear cleaning is more helpful. 

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