How to Create a Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Posted November 7, 2022 by in Lifestyle
bright and airy bedroom with lots of plants around the bed

If you want to live a more green lifestyle, your bedroom can be a great place to start. Most people spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so adding an eco-friendly flare can help make an environmental impact. Mix up your bedroom with these tips, and jumpstart your journey to becoming an environmentalist. 

styled white Ikea dresser in bedroom

Organic mattress

If you want to redo the furniture in your room, a new mattress is a great place to start. You can get a comfortable and organic mattress made from beyond latex material ( that will be great for the environment and your sleep schedule. 

You spend a lot of time sleeping on your mattress, so you want to make sure you choose a high-quality one. These mattresses can help you stay healthy by providing a nontoxic area to sleep.  An organic mattress can help you breathe better and even improve your skin. 


Adding some green to your room can be made easy with indoor plants. Growing some plants in your bedroom can help improve the air quality and provide environmentally friendly decor. Being around nature is proven to improve mental health, meaning sleeping among plants can help clear your head and leave you feeling better. 

Many plants are very easy to grow and can help add some more light and style to your room while helping the environment. 

LED lights

Switching the lightbulbs in your room to LED can help you conserve energy. LED light bulbs can save you money on your power bill and are great for the environment. Switching to this type of lighting can be a cheap way to make your room greener and save you a lot of money in the long run. 


Running your AC and heating units takes a lot of energy and can be very harmful to the environment. If you switch the temperature in your room to between 65 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit at night, the likelihood of you needing to use a lot of AC and heat is low. 

Another great way to save energy from central air is to turn off your thermostat when leaving the house and switch it back on once you get home. If you are not there to utilize the benefits of central air, turning it off is a great way to conserve energy. 

These temperatures are also known to be the best temperature for a good night’s sleep. This small switch can save you money on your heating and air bills and help you get more sleep. 


Fast fashion and decorating trends can lead to a lot of environmental issues. If you constantly need to redo the decor in your room or want a new wardrobe every season, you are likely adding to landfills and other fast fashion environmental problems. 

Try to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Only buy decor you know you will use long term, and keep it on the lower side. Find fashion pieces that you love and will use for a long time. By downsizing, you can save time and money spent looking for new pieces and instead focus your efforts elsewhere. 

This switch to minimalism can help save you money and keep fast fashion industries from adding to greenhouse gas emissions and overfilled landfills. 

Minimalist bedroom with dark wood furniture and plants

Going eco-friendly does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. If you want a place to add a more eco-friendly touch, your bedroom is a great starting place. These tips can help you turn your bedroom into a green oasis, and you can feel good knowing you’re helping the planet. 

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