How to Create a Bohemian Interior for Less

Posted March 25, 2021 by in Home

Across fashion, interiors and lifestyle, the bohemian – or boho – way of living is a trend that has shown plenty of staying power over the years.

Linked to a free-spirited, wanderlusting approach, boho trends are equally visible in both cities and small towns across the globe.

What is Bohemian Interior?

Bohemianism is thought to have originated in Paris, France in the 19th century as artists and writers began to take a greater interest in the traveling Romani population.

A mistaken belief that they came from Bohemia, in the modern-day Czech Republic, led to a tag that has stuck until now.

So how can you inject this lifestyle into your home décor? Let’s take a look:

Fleetwood Mac record next to record player in boho home.

A Whole Worldview

The traveler communities of the 19th century would have visited many countries and cultures in their search for work and sustenance.

So having pops of different cultures is key to this style. Check your local thrift store for pillows, throws and rugs that use clashing patterns and materials.

Deep browns and oranges in Persian-inspired designs can add life to couches and armchairs in more muted tones to add a true feel of boho luxe.

Bring the Outside in

Being close to nature is key to the boho movement, so give your space plenty of greenery with houseplants

While these can be decorative, to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle, why not try to grow things that can be of use.

Different herbs can be used in your cooking, helping you to cut down on grocery bills, while plants such as Boston Fern and Peace Lily can purify the air around them and uplift your surroundings.


Seating should be plush, with pieces you can sink into, rather than the harder more clean-cut designs of modern items.

Choose low-level tables and storage items, drawing the eye to the floors which you can adorn with patterned rugs and carpet.

If you’re bringing a boho design to your bedroom, opt for wardrobes with adaptable interiors so that you can maintain that sense of character. An open-frame design with space for photographs, plants or ornaments will help in this regard.

Make Light Work for You

Let natural light drift into the space wherever possible, and play with the glow by hanging net curtains, allowing smaller shafts to beam out across the room and land on decorative items such as mirrors and keepsakes from past vacations.

Consider oversized lampshades for the ceiling and smaller, candle-like lamps to bring atmosphere to your space when the sun has set for the night.

If you’ve been inspired to create your own boho oasis in your own home, what will you try first? Are you picking a solitary room, or turning your whole home into a bohemian dream?