How to Create a Home Office When You Have Limited Space at Home

Posted February 1, 2022 by in Career
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As working from home has become the new normal for a large variety of office workers across the globe, setting up a permanent at-home office is at the top of a lot of people’s agendas. The main dilemma they face is that their home offers little to no space for an office to be permanently situated within it. However, not to worry, after thinking out of the box, we are here to provide you with some top tips on how, and where you can place your home office that may never have crossed your mind. 

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Pull-Down Wall Desk 

We will begin with one of the easiest ways to create a home office in any area of your house with additional wall space available. The pull-down wall desk office setup is perfect for any home that has some free wall space within a hallway, kitchen, or even a utility room, and can be perfectly stored away at the end of the working day. The wall desk can be mounted onto the free wall, once complete, place a chair underneath, and there you have it, your very own compact workspace that can be closed off whenever.

The only downside to this idea is that the desk may look bulky against the wall when it isn’t being used. This is why it is important to avoid mounting it in any significant rooms within your home as it could ruin the style and aesthetic within. 

Garden Office Project 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown era, we noticed more and more people utilising their garden space for more beneficial purposes. For some, it was featuring a hot tub area, for others, it was creating a cabin-like bar space. Well, we can easily take this inspiration and apply it to the idea of a garden office. Using the same design as a cabin bar, a garden office is a great way to escape the relaxation of home to efficiently adapt to work mode in a completely different setting. Sometimes being out with the home can change your full dynamic and outlook on the work you must have completed by the end of the day, and make you more productive, therefore, this project is perfect.

Alongside this, you can incorporate additional furniture and electronic devices in this area such as an armchair, additional storage facilities, and even a smart TV. Ensure that your TV aerial is fully functioning before you do so! For TV aerial installation services, click here. 

Office Within a Wardrobe Concept

The office within a wardrobe concept seems like a completely bizarre way to create an office space however, it will work a treat if you are very limited in space, and in need of a large clear out. At times, we can accumulate so much unnecessary junk in our wardrobe space that it becomes a daunting task and avoided at all costs. However, if you need this area for your office, you will need to get rid of and dispose of unwanted belongings. This idea will work perfectly for those with a large and long wardrobe space!

First things first, clear out one side of the wardrobe and grab a few measurements with a measuring tape so that you can alter the shelving for the surface of your desk if need be.

Next, install the shelving with screws and a drill and ensure that it is secured and sturdy within the wardrobe. After accumulating a chair, preferably one that can be folded and stored away, your wardrobe office set up is complete, and much like the pull-down desk project, it can be closed off out of hours. 

Alternate Your Living Space 

A living area can be a great environment to create a home office within. First off, the area should be one of the largest rooms within the home, meaning that it is likely to be a comfortable environment to work in. Secondly, there is likely to be natural light shining in that can also contribute positively to your productivity and mindset.

The only potential dilemma to face is the room’s current layout, as it may not be suitable to fit a desk space. Try to alternate the room by freeing up a corner or an area in front of a window, as facing natural light should increase mental stimulation, making you less tired or demotivated throughout the day. Click here for more.

Utilise Kitchen Space 

Our final home office pitch is to make use of current kitchen space to effectively create a home office. If your kitchen features an area such as an island or a breakfast bar, you can easily place your office set up on this surface. However, the only downfall is that it may result in the kitchen area looking cluttered so it is important to remain organised.

Alternatively, if your kitchen has unused or unneeded units, you can go down the route of removing these while keeping the surface intact. Slot an appropriately sized chair underneath, and you have the perfect kitchen office space.   

Have you had to transition from working in an office to working remote? Let us know in the comments below!

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