How to Create a Strong Contest for Your Business

Posted February 8, 2021 by in Career

Contest marketing is about building a community for your business through contests. When you know how to market your business online, you can make more sales. Big companies and organizations use contest marketing to develop their fan base to grow their product/service sales. However, the right knowledge about contest marketing is essential to get new customers for your business.

Let’s look how to create a strong contest for your business:

Run Your Contest on Facebook and Instagram

While originally target young people for your business, Facebook and Instagram are the best platform. Today we can see lots of advertisements popping on Facebook and Instagram. It shows that they are the right platform to target right audience. To target right people on Facebook, you should need a fan page or a business page for your service. From there you can create your contest. 

At first you have to build trust for your Facebook page. To do that, you need to add valuable content to the audience regularly. You can promote your page and posts using Facebook marketing. Imagine when your business page has thousands of likes, your business trust score will increase. This is what you need to get more contestants for your contests.

Similarly you can improve your business trust score with thousands of Instagram followers. Contest duration is the key factor in getting more contestants for your contest. So to get healthy contestants for your contest, you have to run your contest between 1 to 2 weeks.

Note: You should create a right rules and terms policy for your contest. Many contestants simply use voting providers like Vapulsemedia to get votes for their entries. 

Run Your Contest Third Party Sites

Woobox: Third party site like woobox build to help your business through online contests. When you plan to choose woobox for your online contest, you have to look these coming factors. 

  • They offer 3 categories of contest types: User Generated Content (UGC) contest, photo contests and video contests.
  •  Creating a UGC contest with woobox is a very easy process. 
  • You can get full control of your contests with woobox.
  • They offer image, hastag and caption contests too. So you have plenty of options to find the best one for your contest.

Wishpond: As we know contests and promotions help to engage customers to get more followers, wishpond recommends the same to the users. They are allowing the users to conduct unlimited social media contests per month at $49 USD. From our recent study we found that 21% of contest creators recommend wishpond for creating online contests.

Second Street Platform: This is one of the fastest growing contest promotion platforms. It has various ways to promote your contest using sweepstakes, voting brackets, ballots, photo contests, quizzes and polls. Marketing experts say that sweepstakes help to grow your email lists to grow your database.

Interactive contests are the typical offers of second street platform. They have great fast support to answer your quires. You can request demo to test their software before you purchase the plans.

Viral Sweep: This platform starts with 7 day free trial offer. Their starter plan costs $49 USD per month with multiple options like, unlimited promotions, unlimited entries, sweepstakes app, contest app, instant win app, milestone app, comment app, email collection app and more. You need to contact them and tell your exact need for your contest.

Once you get the response try their 7 day free trial. Recent case studies tell that 12% of marketers voted for viralsweep.

To get successful result for your contest from third party sites, you have to test and pick the right tool for your business. While 50% of marketers use Facebook and Instagram to promote their contest, you should try that too. Marketing experts recommend creating unique contests on different platforms to find which is giving the great results for your business.

Do you have any marketing tips? Let us know in the comments below!