How to Create a Thriving Takeaway Business

Posted August 4, 2021 by in Career

There’s no better time to start planning your new foodie business venture. As people prepare for the cooler seasons, more of us swap the fine-dining for takeaways in our PJs in front of the TV. 

But, with so many takeaways on the market, how can you create one that thrives in today’s climate? Well, we’re going to share some tips to help you get started:

Takeaway food on a kitchen counter.

Licensing and Paperwork

First things first: You need to make sure you’ve got all the right licensing and regulations in place for your business. Depending where you’re based, you should have access to information and what sorts of licenses you need, and how to get them. In order to comply with food hygiene standards, you might have to take several tests regarding labelling, allergens and traceability, and have an inspection of your facility. 

Find a Niche

As with any business venture, you need to find something that sets you apart from the rest. Think about what makes you different. The world has seen a huge influx in takeaway and postal food services over the past few years, so how can you make your baked goods stall better than someone else’s? 

Your niche might require you to experiment with styles and flavors, or could be something to do with your marketing. Find other takeaway businesses that inspire you and learn more about what they do well, what you like and how you could do the same. 

Plan Your Packaging Options

Consumers are always on the lookout for brands that reflect their values regarding social, economic and environmental issues. And the same goes for their food brands. Finding a good, sustainable packaging supplier like GreenPak Supplies can be the make or break of your business. Ensuring you’re thinking about the environment from the get go is one way to set you apart from the rest. 

You’ll also need to think about what type of packaging you require: Will you be serving hot food, how will you keep food safe and looking delicious if you’re posting items, and how hygienic it needs to be. 


Branding your packaging is one way to really get your name out there. It’s also perfect for helping you get consumer-generated content for your marketing. Take a look at Starbucks: Everyone snaps a picture of their coffee for their social media; the brand is instantly recognizable and deemed desirable. Although branded packaging often costs more, it’s a great way to establish your brand from the get-go. 


All that user-generated content can be effectively added to your social channels to create a good amount of hype for your new business. Even if you have to fake it until you make it. 

Social media is your one-stop-shop tool for marketing, especially if you’re stuck for time (which no doubt you will be, starting a new business). Ask friends and family to follow and share everything you post, use a post scheduler and find customers to take pictures for you that you can then use. 

By making your takeaway as aesthetically pleasing as possible – either through branding or the physical shop itself, the more people you will attract online and in the street. 

With a killer niche, a strong social presence and sustainable packaging, you’ll be on your way to creating a thriving takeaway business in no time. 

*Photos by Mikhail Nilov