How to Create the Best Dog Friendly Area in Your Home

Posted December 20, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Do you have a pampered pooch who deserves his or her own space in the house? In this feature, we look at how you can create the perfect pet-friendly area in your home without breaking the bank. This is perfect for areas where your dog can safely sleep, play, or be left when you have to go to work or run errands. 

Woman sitting on wood floor leaning against made bed and holding a happy shiba inu puppy

The best flooring choices to consider

The first things that you will need to carefully plan are your flooring options. Choices such as rubber flooring are popular due to their durability and ease of cleaning. It is inevitable that your dog will come home with muddy paws at some point, so you need to avoid carpet and other hard to clean options. Rubber flooring will need to be properly installed and securely sealed down to prevent chewing. 

Another good choice is to opt for wooden flooring or wood effect flooring. This is easy to clean and can be mopped and wiped as required. You can also run the hoover over this type of flooring just as effectively, which is perfect for those high-shedding dog breeds. 

Beds and safe spaces

Next, think about placing a cosy bed or your dog’s crate into your chosen area of the home. This will remind him that he has a safe place to sleep and to switch off. Always provide proper crate training with your puppy before shutting the crate door. This builds a positive connection to the crate for your dog and can ensure that it is a safe space rather than a place of punishment. In winter, you may want to provide your dog with extra blankets and warm bedding to ensure that their temperature doesn’t drop overnight.

Toys and treats to pamper any pooch

There are many different toys, treats and enrichment activities that you can place in your dog’s dedicated area. These include:

Kongs – most dog owners are familiar with the Kong brand of toys. The original Kong is a fillable toy that can keep dogs entertained for up to an hour. Freezing your Kong will also make it more of a challenge, giving your dog extra enrichment time. 

Puzzle games – highly intelligent breeds such as the Collie, may often require extra learning games during the day to mentally tire them out. Puzzle games in which treats can be hidden and sniffed out are always a hit. Sniffing can provide pups with much needed stimulation and is highly encouraged for a calm and enriched dog. 

Treats and bones – avoid dangerous rawhide and instead opt for yak milk chews and safe chewables. These will give teething dogs and older pups the perfect way to use their teeth and enjoy a tasty treat

Woman petting her dog while sitting on stairs holding book

You must ensure that your dogs are well supervised when playing or using any of the above, so as to avoid any accidents to your pampered pups health. 

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