How To Cut Down Your Monthly Expenses While Still Having Fun

Posted January 12, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Living a lavish lifestyle is the dream for many, but nobody wants to be wasteful in the process. Luckily, it’s possible to spend less and still have a good time by cutting down your monthly expenses and not going out as much with friends. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

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1 – Stop Smoking Cigarettes and Start Smoking Hookah

Smoking cigarettes can be an expensive habit, especially if you smoke multiple packs per week. Not only that, but a large amount of smoke and nicotine might not be good for your lungs or heart. Quit smoking by switching to hookah instead! The price of a gram of shisha is comparable to about 1 pack of cigarettes at most stores and the flavors are much more varied. Although the actual smoke is still present, it’s not nearly as harsh on your body, so you can smoke hookah safely for an extended period of time without having to worry about getting sick.

If you look at you’ll see that you can also choose to buy a ceramic bowl that will last longer than other types of bowls and won’t break as easily if you drop it. Definitely, something you should look into.

2 – Take Your Lunch to Work Instead of Eating Out

Eating out is expensive, especially when you have company! To save money on food every day, make your own meals before you go to work. It’ll be easier to wake up earlier in the morning too since there won’t be any food prep to do so you can sleep in. It also doesn’t hurt that your lunch will probably taste better than the fast-food restaurants nearby!

3 – Go Out Less

Going out with friends is fun, but staying home might just be more fun. You get to save on transportation costs, plus the food and drinks you make at home will most likely taste better than what they serve at pubs and bars. Even if you need to go out for work, it’s possible to stay home on your days off instead. You can also pack more activities into your free time by doing more things during the day instead of going out late at night, which can reduce your transportation costs.

Alternatively, you can have a dinner party at home where everyone brings something to contribute to the meal. This means you still get to see everyone, but you spend way less money eating at home than eating and drinking when you are out and about.

4 – Buy In Bulk to Save Money in the Long Run

Some stores operate by selling items at a higher price but with discounts if you purchase it in bulk instead of just one item at a time. The reason behind this business model? It’s more efficient for them to have their employees pack up the items you just bought at the checkout counter than to leave them out for everyone else to see. Even better, you can purchase more than one item at once and save more money overall! Just make sure you don’t buy an excess of something so that it expires before you can use it up.

5 – Cook More Often

Cooking is a great way to save money and eat healthier as well! You can actually make a meal from scratch even if you’re not an experienced cook. There are tons of free recipes available online that you can try out at home, plus it’s always fun to experiment with your favorite dishes and try new flavors out.

6 – Travel Locally

Someone once said, “Traveling is like flirting with life.” If you aren’t traveling as often as possible, make plans with local friends or plan a trip around your city or town. With the money you save from not going out as much, you can experience more of your own backyard and explore new places nearby! You may even be able to afford a trip abroad someday if you continue cutting down your monthly expenses. The world is your oyster, so take advantage of what’s available to you now!

The article concludes that it’s possible to spend less and still enjoy yourself by cutting down your monthly expenses and not going out as much with friends. There are many ways you can live a lavish lifestyle without having to be wasteful, including taking your lunch to work instead of eating out every day, cooking more often at home, and traveling locally. These tips may not seem like a big deal, but they are actually easy to do and will save you money in the long run.