How to De-Stress at Home

Posted April 24, 2021 by in Career

Life has many stresses, many of which cannot be avoided; however, there are several ways you can make a conscious effort to cut stress out of your life. One way is to sort, organize and prioritize your home to make the space you live in your sanctuary.

A cleansed and organized space will undoubtedly help reduce any excess and unnecessary stress you may have in your life. This post will cover a couple of ways to really make your home a stress-free zone:

Woman with a towel on her head sitting in bed using phone.

Cleanse Your Space

Although cleaning can be such a hassle and one of those things all of us like to put off, it really can make such a difference to your mood. There are several ways to clean your space, from a deep spring clean to light spruce. Each one will make a world of difference to the mood and character of your home and, by extension, your own mood. 

A deep clean once every couple of months is a way to clean those stubborn areas such as your carpets, your shower head, and your oven. Many people recommend getting professional carpet cleaners Acton to get your carpets professionally cleaned once every six months to eliminate dust and bacteria build-up. 

Cleansing your space can also involve lighting a candle or just doing the dishes. These are ways to rejuvenate the space that will also help calm your mind and destress you. 

Declutter and Organize

Your home should be your sanctuary; it should be a place where you find respite from the stresses of daily life. If you notice that your space is feeling disorganized or a distraction, it might be a good indication that your stresses are at home too. It is well worth taking the time to consolidate your space. This could mean organizing miscellaneous items in a space that could be stored elsewhere, thrown away, or moved to a more suitable location. A room that has minimal distractions and clutter will definitely feel calmer. 

Understandably it can be overwhelming to tackle a whole room at first, so start small. Break the work up into bite-sized chunks. Do what works best for you. 

Create an Area of Peace 

Whether you work from home, go into the office, share a space with lots of people or live alone, try to create an area of peace that is just for you.  Try to remove any distractions or reminders of work, chores, or admin. This could be an area where you can sit and unwind for a bit, fill it with comfortable cushions, rugs, and nice candles. Make it a place where you can go to read a book or listen to a record. It is a space just for you to take some time to relax completely.

Whatever it is you need to destress, it is important to make sure that your home reflects the atmosphere you want to live in. A calm, clean, organized space will inevitably encourage a calm and restful mind. 

*Photos by Ivan Samkov