How to Deal With a Weight-Loss Plateau

Posted March 10, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? You’re not alone. Many people find that they hit a wall after losing a few pounds, and can’t seem to shed any more weight no matter how hard they try. Luckily, there are some things you can do to break through the plateau and continue on your journey to weight loss. We’ll share some tips on how to control the weight loss plateau.

What Exactly is a Weight Loss Plateau?

weight loss plateau is a point where you stop losing weight, even though you’re still following your diet and exercise plan. This can be frustrating, especially since you may feel like you’re doing everything right and yet still not seeing results.

There are a few reasons why you might hit a weight loss plateau. Sometimes, it’s simply because your body has become used to the diet and exercise routine, and it’s no longer making the same changes. In other cases, you may not be burning as many calories as you think, or you may have broken some rules that might have led you to hitting a wall.

Whatever the reason, there are things you can do to break through the plateau and continue losing weight. 

How to Deal With a Weight Loss Plateau

1. Tweak your diet

If you’ve been following the same diet for a while and it’s no longer working, it may be time to tweak it a bit. Try adding or removing certain foods or changing the proportions of the foods you’re eating. You may also want to consider changing your calorie intake. If you’re not losing weight, you may need to eat a bit fewer calories than you were eating before.

2. Try a different exercise routine

If your current exercise routine isn’t helping you lose weight, it may be time to switch things up. Try a different type of exercise, or mix up your routine to keep things interesting. You could also add in some new exercises to help you break through the plateau. Another thing you can do is to increase the intensity of your workouts. If you’re currently working out at a moderate intensity, try increasing it to a vigorous or high-intensity level.

3. Track your progress

If you’re not losing weight, it’s possible that you’re not tracking your progress accurately. Make sure to track not just your weight, but also your inches and body fat percentage. This can help you see if you’re actually making progress, even if the number on the scale isn’t budging.

4. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can sometimes lead to a weight loss plateau. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you’re working out. Water helps to flush out toxins and can also help to boost your metabolism.

5. Eat more protein

Protein is essential for weight loss, and it can help you break through a plateau. Make sure to include plenty of high-protein foods in your diet, such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, and legumes. Protein helps keep you feeling full and can also help boost your metabolism.

6. Think about adding weight-loss medications

If you’ve been following your diet and exercise plan faithfully and you’re still not seeing results, it may be time to consider adding a weight-loss medication. There are various medications available. A great example is weight-loss pills containing acarbose.

Acarbose has also been shown to be effective in weight loss. It works by slowing down the digestion of starch and sugar, which means that you feel full for longer after eating. This can help to control weight in people who are overweight or obese.

A weight-loss plateau can be disappointing and frustrating at times. But don’t give up! There are many things you can do to break through the plateau and continue on your journey to weight loss. Try some of the tips we’ve shared, and be sure to talk to your doctor if you need help finding a solution.