How to Decorate a Teen Girl’s Bedroom on a Budget

Posted July 18, 2019 by in Home
How to Decorate a Teen Girl's Bedroom on a Budget

95% of teenagers have felt inferior at one point or other in their lives. One of the reasons for teenage inferiority complex is low family economic status. The bedroom is a teenage girls’ sanctuary, and if its decoration speaks of poverty, the girl’s confidence is compromised.

Having the room decorated would put you, as a parent, under considerable pressure if you’re operating on a budget. So, do you have a teen girl who needs a bedroom refresh? Here are some tips for creating her dream bedroom on a budget.

Choose a Theme

It’s vital for your teenager to feel that the appearance of the bedroom represents her. To ensure her ownership of the end product, let her tell you what she wants.

Assist her if she needs help making a choice or expressing it in color. You can expect her suggestion of theme to be anything from a fairy to mermaids to a simple combination of colors.

 If you find their suggestion impractical, talk it out and come to a settlement. Once you have chosen the theme, you’re ready to proceed to the next step. 

Start with the Bedding

Being a bedroom, the bed is the central piece of furniture in the bedroom. It’s the center of attraction for anyone who enters the room. Therefore, the bed and beddings set the tone for the rest of the room.

Starting with beddings is also a pragmatic step. It’ll be easier to find paint that matches the beddings.

Since it’s a girls’ room, include an affordable netting canopy. Use pillows to make the bed as comfortable as possible and for decorating the bed.  You can purchase the beddings at a bargain from a discount store.

 You can also buy online through a website like Dealwiki. Value shopping is your key to success in this endeavor to decorate a bedroom on a budget.

A headboard draws attention to the bed. If the bed doesn’t have a headboard, you can make one. You can create the appearance of a headboard by having upholstery or a well-shaped piece of wood hanging at the head of the bed.

Use Second-Hand Furniture

Other than the bed, a teenager’s bedroom needs other furniture. Being her base of operation, it requires a working space for her homework and other projects.

She also needs a place for her make-up. Failing to provide furniture is not an option!

The kind of furniture your teenager fancies may be out of reach for you. You can remedy this by searching in garage sales in your neighborhoods.

The older pieces of furniture, found in garage sales, are usually more durable than new furniture. If you are a do it yourself (DIY) guru, you would have more leeway to select even better designed but broken furniture and restore it.

Painting the Bedroom on a Budget

You’re decorating on a budget. Measure the area you need to paint and calculate the amount of paint you need. Buying more paint than you need will lead to wastage of the money you’re trying to save.

Regardless of the type of paint you choose, you’ll need to give the room two coats of paint. It may be necessary for you to prime the walls. Priming will ensure you use less paint, especially when painting on a dark colored wall.

The following are some other points to consider when painting.

  1. Mix the Paint

You’ll probably need more than one gallon of paint to complete decorating the room. Sometimes paint of the same color may have different hues in different gallons.

To ensure that the painted walls are of even hue, take the different gallons and mix them in a bigger container before you paint. Mixing will eliminate the need for repainting due to uneven coloring. You’ll have enhanced your chances of actually decorating the room on a budget!

  1. Be Liberal

You should be open-minded when painting a teenage girl’s room. There are things you can do with paint inside there that you can’t do in a public place. For example, you can paint different walls in different colors.

  1. Add Patterns

Teenagers love being unique. Painting solid colors may not fully express her uniqueness. Ask them the patterns they would like included.

The patterns may be painted on one of the walls, a section of one wall, or the ceiling. In some ways, painting patterns may help you save on paint. 

Use Wallpaper

If you’re a busy person, you may calculate the amount of time you take with the decoration when considering the cost. You can reduce the time needed for painting considerably. Wallpaper can also be helpful to you when you want to include patterns in the decoration.

Allow for Photos

Provide the teenager a place to hang the pictures they would like to use to decorate the room. You may do this by making a gallery wall or designating a spot on each wall for a few photos.

You can buy framed photos or canvas paintings at yard sales. Make sure you find photos that agree with the theme. If the girl is artistic, use her pictures and artwork to decorate.

 By using her work, you’ll have saved on cost and personalized the room.

Add a Mirror

A mirror is an essential part of a teenage girl’s room. Although she may have a mirror on the dressing table, make sure you get her a full-length mirror.

 Frame the mirror so that it matches the paint in the room or the wallpaper. Make sure the mirror is positioned in a way to avoid glare.

Decorating is wasted on a Cluttered Room!

One of the reasons why the room may look cheap and unattractive is clutter. If you’re decorating your bedroom, assess and determine whether you need all the things in there. Mostly you’ll find many things you don’t need.

Removing clutter will ensure that the room is more airy and spacious. It also allows the things you want to be seen to get to be seen. You can sell some of the things in a yard sale. The money you get will help you in your project to decorate your bedroom on a budget.