How to Design Your New Fashion Shop Display for Effective Selling

Posted January 7, 2016 by in Career

When you are running a fashion shop your displays are your version of a first impression with the consumer. The right display can drive a flood of customers in or just as easily turn them away. The display is the fashion shop’s billboard and a lot can be learned about a store from its displays.

Keep It Simple

You don’t want to overdo display windows. Less is more. A window that is cluttered, or too busy, is not appealing to the eye of the customer and pieces that are attempting to be highlighted can easily get lost in the shuffle. You want to make sure that the highlighted piece, or pieces, is/are clearly featured. 

Create a retro and bold look by adding crushed velvet curtain. It’ll create a dramatic look and cast a spell on the buyers. Hang it in a specific place where you want your customers to focus more. To buy it visit any store and match it with the display of your shop.

A random person should be able to tell within three seconds of looking at your display from a distance the product you are advertising or selling. These products should have good and consistent lighting to support them. Consistent lighting creates symmetry and symmetry is more attractive to consumers.

Use Patterns and Get Creative

Use the entire display space to catch the eye of the consumer. Use different depths and heights to attract attention and make the display more inviting.  Use patterns such as pyramids to arrange your product in a more visually appealing way.

You can even use tools like euro hooks to create more space for product in your displays.

If you are using mannequins, find interesting ways to use them. Put them in creative poses and allow them to interact. You want to make sure that they are well lit and that customers can interpret the mannequins clearly. Most of all you want the customer to have a positive association with the mannequin. You want them to envision themselves wearing your clothes. You want to really use your imagination to attract customers.

Have a Plan

You want to always have a theme in mind when creating your display. Creativity and imagination are good but you want to always remember that the theme is the glue that holds everything together. Remember to not only focus on the customer you’re driving in but focus on how they are engaging with your store. Are they walkers or are they driving by your display? You will want to craft your display to suit how your customer will be interacting with your store.

Once you start working with POP displays you can try out new ideas and get feedback from customers on how you should be marketing your products. Nothing beats customer feedback in business!