How to Do a Deep House Cleaning in the Least Amount of Time

Posted July 8, 2019 by in Lifestyle
deep house cleaning

Fighting the eternal tide of clutter and grime that infests a home isn’t fun. A home is never cleaner than when it is first moved into and never dirtier than right after construction. How does a home go from a pit of sawdust and paint drips to a pristine living space? 

The following house cleaning tips don’t stop with keeping a home tidy. Dirt and grime spell real health problems for you and your family. Researchers working on public health concerns have reviewed the impact of carpets on air quality. The American Lung Association also posts warnings and advice on carpets for this reason.

If you don’t know where to start, read on to learn the fastest way to make your home feel move-in-day fresh:

Living Room

This heavy traffic area needs constant attention. Daily/weekly upkeep tames the clutter and takes care of incidental spills but misses the fine details. Start by dusting the tops of fans and windows. Moving the filth down and then out is the secret of how to deep clean your house.

Windows represent the exception in each room. Always finish with windows to avoid kicking up dirt from other areas.

Hit the surfaces next. Wipe them down and then scrub across the baseboards. Give them enough time to dry before a final vacuuming or dust mopping.


You face the biggest challenge in the kitchen with the range top, oven, and fridge. Each needs to be disassembled and cleared as much as possible before you hit them with cleansers. Focus on working top to bottom. Use appropriate cleansers that fight the most common grime. Finish with a light bleach solution to disinfect.

Let the fridge breathe for a few hours before you restock. Always clean appliances when they are off, and if possible, unplugged. If you’re short on time, but know you need to get your kitchen clean and organized ASAP,  you can give Glimmr in London a try! Sometimes having someone deep clean your home for you is just the kind of self-care you need.


Aside from the beds themselves, bedrooms work the same as a living room for cleaning patterns. Beds should be stripped, mattresses flipped or turned, then new bedding applied after the debris shakes loose.

Lots of smaller particles stack up in the corners of a bed frame and invite bugs and dust mites. Strip it all down to get the best results.


It’s easy to ignore how much work hallways need. They get used more often than many other rooms but only in passing. Wipe the walls and baseboards and, to keep the carpets working longer, consider a professional carpet cleaning to lift and rejuvenate. 

Porches, Patios, and Decks

Whichever of these surfaces you have, the further way you keep the dirt, and the slower it gets into the house. If your surfaces are coming apart, repair and reseal them. Otherwise, scrub down the upper areas then the flooring. 


Bathrooms should be your first stop on a deep cleaning checklist. Bathrooms accumulate a surprising amount of grease as particles from the showers (and toilets) aerosolize and then settle on other surfaces.

Hit these first and you will prevent getting germs from the bathrooms spread through the house. Most people use the bathroom as the go-to location when deep cleaning other areas.

Everything you use to clean needs to be rinsed and cleaned itself. A clean bathroom makes a cleaner house. Touch up the area when the rest of the cleaning is complete to remove the last of the mess you’ve shifted around.

Like New

A deep house cleaning takes less work than you might imagine and more than you probably want to put forth. However, the feeling of a clean house is worth it. Try to hit the deep clean twice a year to balance the load and keep that like new feeling the longest. To make your life easier, Maid Easy Service of Phoenix is there to help you get your home sparkly clean.

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