How to Dress as a Chef: A Brief Guide

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It is said you must dress for the job you want. However, dressing for your job isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Casual office wear isn’t for everyone or every job. Some employees are given a uniform, which helps limit the need to get up early and put together a wardrobe for the week. Uniforms not only help determine which employee does what at a company, but they also help to protect them from various work-related issues. 

When working as a chef, you will need to dress the part. Locating chef jackets Canada and surrounding areas is easier than you might think. Here is a brief guide to dressing as a chef. 


The job of a chef is several hundred years old, beginning in the royal families. They were well respected as well as paid higher wages than most jobs of the day. This was because the chefs needed to make sure the king, queen, and their families were not poised and enjoyed the food. It was a rather difficult job. 

The Uniform 

 What has not changed since the kitchen staff of the royal family is the chef’s outfit. There are the signature tall white hat, white jacket, and pants. What distinguishes the outfit from other restaurant staff, besides the hat, is the different colored trim. 

The Signature Hat 

The chef’s hat or Torque is said to be tall and crown dating back to the time chefs prepared meals for the royal family. It is also the best way to find the chef or person in charge of the kitchen in a sea of kitchen help. Chef’s helpers will wear a smaller style hat which is necessary to keep the person preparing meals hair from falling into the food. 

The Jacket 

The chef’s jacket is part of the overall uniform and helpful in keeping their shirts clean. The jacket, usually with pockets for pens and notes, will catch splatters from sauces and grilling. The reason the jacket is white is like why hotels use white sheets, they are easy to bleach clean.

The Pants 

 A chef’s pants are typically black, or a combination of black and white, usually checkered, to help distinguish the kitchen staff from other workers. The darker color also helps with hiding stains. An entirely white outfit would be similar to someone working in a hospital, therefore black or dark-colored pants are best. 

The Side Towel 

This is always part of the uniform for the chef and everyone working in the kitchen. It is hanging off their apron string to help keep their hands clean or to pick up unexpected spills without having to hunt for a towel. If the kitchen staff is also seen by the public, perhaps in a buffet line or as a server, they should change their towel often. 

The Apron 

Every kitchen staff should wear an apron. This will help to cut down on the dirt and splattered food on their main clothing. The two styles of aprons are full, with a bib and a type of skirt, or a simple skirt type.  

A chef will need to check with the owner of the establishment before purchasing an outfit as to the style and colors they want.

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