12 Easy Ways to Save Five Bucks!

Posted February 28, 2014 by in Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder where all your money goes? Save $5 a day or more by following our tips!


1. Skip the fancy coffee

Pass on the latte once a week. Bam! five bucks saved. Better yet…consider purchasing an espresso machine with a milk frother for your home.

2. Skip the popcorn

Going to the movies is pricey enough. Skip the overpriced 1000 calorie popcorn and sneak in your own treats instead.

3. Skip organic

We totally promote eating organic, but you’ll save more that $5 on your next grocery bill if you just pass on it.

4. Share a cab

Late night out with friends? Share a cab instead of hailing one for just yourself.

5. Skip the gym

Instead, grab a friend and run a few laps around your local high school track a few times a week.

6. Get the generic version

No, the packaging isn’t as pretty, but seriously…it’s the same thing.

7. Bring your lunch

Brown bag it once or twice a week to save some mulah!

8. Skip the soda

I know, Diet Coke can be refreshing. But skip it next time to save some money. Order seltzer water with lemon instead…it’s free!

9. Eat leftovers

No food in the fridge? Don’t order a pizza or go to the grocery store just yet. Head on over to My Fridge Food and type in the food you already have. It’ll find recipes based on that.

10. Look up free events

See if your town or city is hosting a free event or festival!

11. Buy necessities in bulk

Buying a 4-pack of toilet paper each time is way more expensive than buying it in bulk.

12. Borrow it!

Need a white shirt? Need a new beach read? Need red pumps? Borrow from a friend instead!