How to Easily Upgrade Your Car

Posted June 25, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Whether you’re a fan of furry dice or prefer just a simple scented air freshener, giving your vehicle an overhaul can be just as important as sprucing up your bedroom. After all, we spend our journeys to work, ferrying the kids around, and sometimes you may even vacation in the car.

It’s where we listen to our favorite music, and hopefully, travel in to see our favorite people. Why not make your car your own personal sanctuary? With that in mind, consider having auto restoration service done so you can turn your vehicle into a little paradise on the wheels.

How to Easily Upgrade Your Car //

Window Tints

Harmful sun rays such as UVA and UVB can penetrate through the window of your car and cause skin damage over the years. This may leave you searching for window tint near me. One easy way of preventing this is to add window tints to your vehicle, which also add a stylish semi-transparent finish. Adding automotive window films to your car could not only make your car feel a bit more A-list but also make your car incredibly skin-friendly. 

Buff-Out and Paint Over Scratches

Driving close to hedgerows and other accidental mishaps can create scratches and scuffs over the years. These can sometimes affect the appearance of your car, creating a look that looks worn and dull. By simply buffing-out and spray painting over scratches, you can give your vehicle an instant makeover. 

A Bluetooth Player

Whether you’re using your Bluetooth for calls (pulled over to the side of the road, of course!) or listening to music, Bluetooth enables you to connect your phone to your vehicle effortlessly. It gives you an in-car music system without having to keep stacks of CDs and take up extra space. 

Interior Deep Clean

There’s nothing that will give your car an instant upgrade like an all-over deep clean. Giving the upholstery a vacuum and cleaning all surfaces will give your vehicle that showroom feel. Remember to slide your driver and passenger seat back to make sure you get all the accidental grit and rubbish that falls underneath. 

Fake Flower Holder

If you want to add a fresh feeling to your car without having to continually fill it with flower-scented air-freshener, then adding a clip-on flower holder is a cheap and easy way of adding style to your car. Popping in a slender fake flower will add a kitsch detail to your vehicle that will keep it cheery on the inside, without taking up too much space on your dashboard. 

Sound-Deadening Material

Did you know that you can make your vehicle quieter? By investing in sound-deadening material that lays underneath your car upholstery, you can help regulate temperature and limit the noise from your engine

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get your car upgraded. By fixing ongoing issues, adding some stylistic flair and giving it a deep clean, you can make it feel like a brand-new vehicle. By being selective about what you’d like to change and what can be fixed, you can keep some change in your pocket and achieve a fresh-feeling car.