How to Edit Your Selfies to Look Professional

Posted July 28, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The first-ever selfie in the world was taken by Robert Cornelius back in 1839, and it was a one-of-a-kind, the first self-portrait ever made by light in the world. Today people in different parts of our planet take more than 1.4 trillion selfies every day! More than impressive progress for 180 years.

However, in a modern world, we have far more technologies that let us take not just a regular portrait of ourselves but something much more interesting and nicer. We’ve got all the editing software, special filters, and new techniques specifically crafted to take beautiful selfies.

The only thing left is to master the craft: and we are going to do this today! So grab your selfie stick, take a couple of pictures and let’s try to make them look as astonishing as possible!

Face and Body Retouching

No one’s face is perfect, and sometimes you want to retouch something on your face or body to make your photo look even more beautiful. And this is great.

It is so easy to do any edits or changes you want with numerous free photo editing software available on the web. However, if you look for something a little bit more professional, with great functionality and a plethora of options, you can click here to get Adobe Lightroom.

It is an advanced tool with a bunch of cool features. Still, it is very intuitive, so you will have no trouble mastering Adobe Lightroom.

Photo Editing and Filters

So, what exactly do you need to be edited on your selfie to put it on the next level of perfection? Let’s take a look:

1. Get rid of the blemishes and discoloration.

2. Smooth out your skin

3. Decrease ISO

4. Use sharpening tool

5. Make your teeth appear a little bit whiter 

6. Add filters

You may use most of these things or only a couple. Just try to keep your image as close to reality as possible by hiding small flaws and demonstrating stronger aspects of your selfie.

As for filters, this is the place where you can completely reverse the mood of the picture by adding sepia, black and white, warm, cold, or any creative filter on it.

And there’s so much more you can do with your photos. You can learn more about how to take a selfie and what you can do about it here.

Creative Effects

Unleash your creative self and add some interesting filters to your photo to give it a unique look. For example, with this tool, you can add vintage or old film effects, vignettes, bokeh, etc.

In PicsArt, you can take your experiment even further and add dispersion, paint on effect or use an erase tool. You just need to start the process, and you will get the most unique and incredible selfies.

The process is really easy: find inspiration and come up with the idea. Next, try to find selfie poses for girls that will fit the idea and take a photo. Lastly, add the image to any free photo editing software and start playing with effects!


The other way to make your selfie more eye-catching and breathtaking is to make collages. It may happen that you’ve got many great selfies, and it would be a shame to post just one. Or you want to try and experiment with family portrait photography, using a couple of separate pictures of your family and siblings to create one perfect piece.

You can create collages on your PC in good old Photoshop, but we prefer smartphone apps like Adobe Spark and Shape Collage for Android or PhotoGrid and Ribbet for iOS. These apps were specifically made for creating collages, and they have excellent easy tools for making a perfect collage according to your wishes.

After creating a collage, you can edit it again, add some other creative details and effects, or leave it just like that and upload it on the web.

It’s Time to Post Your Selfie! 

Before you post your photo on social media, you need to crop it according to the media’s requirements. Each of them has its own image size specifications.

For Instagram, you should upload a portrait photo that is 1080×1350 pixels in size. For Facebook, it should be 1200 x 630 pixels. As for Snapchat, 1,080×1,920 pixels and to add a selfie to Twitter it should be 1600 x 900 pixels.

Once your selfie has a proper size, that’s it! You have a perfectly creative, stunning, and fantastic selfie, so it is time to share it with your following. Good luck!

Bonus: Editing Life Hacks and Tips 

  1. Choose the background for your selfie with you in consideration. That means that you should be the center of attention, not the best background for portrait photography you’ve ever seen. But, if you happen to take a gorgeous selfie on a distracting background, make it blurry to make your face stand out or crop the background out completely. 
  2. Play with settings and try to adjust white balance, exposure, and contrast. Don’t use only premade presets: get lost in the process to get remarkable results.
  3. Use multiple editing apps to come up with a new combination of filters and effects.
  4. Always save different versions of your photo between edits. Who knows which version will be the final one, so it is better to have them all on hand.
  5. Try to achieve symmetry with your selfies. It is just very pleasing for the human eye, so the more symmetrical your photo will be, the more beautiful it may seem for a regular person.

Now look at your selfie and enjoy all the likes that you will get. After all this job you’ve done, you deserved them!

*Photos by Bethany Ferr