How to Enjoy Atlantic City on the Cheap

Posted August 10, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Have you been itching to gamble lately? Who could blame you? Boredom, worldwide sports cancellation, and extra cash lying around that had been budgeted for holidays; it’s almost impossible not to take part in your favorite pastime.

The abrupt and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way that we live, interact, and enjoy life’s pleasures that we often took for granted such as gambling. Almost everyone in Atlantic City has been hurt by the pandemic, with some individuals, industries, and businesses, such as sports betting and service workers, being hit harder than others.

Like most businesses in the hospitality industry, the brick and mortar casino sector has been considerably affected by the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of the casinos shut their door, many furloughed loyal and dedicated employees, and some even had to offload real estate.

Citizens were encouraged, and rightly so, to practice social distancing and avoid nonessential purchases, including casinos, which caused many casinos in the city to further struggle to stay afloat. Even as states continue to reopen in many parts of the country, the effects of the pandemic will linger in brick and mortar betting establishments.

Although a lot of Atlantic City casinos continue to struggle in the wake of this virus, the good news is that restrictions are not easing up. What’s even better is that casinos in Atlantic City have responded to the pandemic with flexibility and creative problem solving that will not only help to flatten the curve, but also ensure your safety when you are finally ready to head out to a reopened casino soon.

Casinos in Atlantic City, the gambling capital of the East Coast, have just about all resumed businesses. But before you head out, you must show up in a mask and be ready to have your temperature taken.

Patrons are also not allowed to eat or drink at the casino floor to reduce the risk of contamination under the Governor’s orders. Not to worry though. Atlantic City casinos have made alternative plans that include setting up temporary outdoor areas as well as offering gamblers grab and go bags that can be eaten outside or in one’s hotel room.

Most of the casinos have also gone to great lengths to increase their dining options, many of which include all the same amenities and features that you loved pre-covid-19.  It is safe to say that a lot of people still remain wary of large crowds, a situation that will remain for the foreseeable future. But if you feel ready to venture out, here is how to enjoy Atlantic City on the cheap:

Consider Gambling Online

Casinos have may have been shut as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak on March 16th, but this hasn’t dampened the modern gambler’s will to test Lady Luck. With so many offerings for online casinos to choose from, it is no wonder that gambling has exploded considerably during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the sports betting market isn’t as ready to bounce back as it were in the past quite yet, individuals with a gambling hobby or those keen on starting are signing up in droves for online products such as casino roulette, slots, and scenario games.

There is a lot to look forward to for online gamblers that are looking to gamble on the cheap. You will be impressed by the range of offers and promotions designed to lure you in. Likewise, sports betting establishments that you have come to know and love also have mobile apps so that you can gamble without worrying about whether you are socially distant. If you are interested in gambling online, here is a comprehensive article with all the casino resources that you need to get started.

Sign Up for a Casino Card

If you are going to AC to gamble, make sure that you sign up for a casino card- and do it at every casino that you visit. Most if not all the casinos in Atlantic City offer patrons a few dollars in free play or cheap drinks for active players. Even if you don’t get any perks on the spot, you can still use your card to rack up any bonuses and rewards so that you can use them in the future.

Score a Cheap Hotel Room

Hotel casino rooms aren’t as pricey as they once were pre-pandemic. A good hotel room can cost as little as $30/ night these days. But if you are looking to save some money, consider looking for offers on coupon codes that you can redeem.

Since a lot of people are still choosing to stay home, hotels are doing all they can to encourage customers to book rooms including offering coupon codes especially on 3rd party booking sites that will score you a much cheaper room.

Find Cheap Places to Eat

Atlantic City indeed boasts some of the finest world-class restaurants that you will find, but that doesn’t mean that it is hard or impossible to find a great meal on the cheap. There are plenty of restaurants in the city that will allow you to get an affordable yet satisfying meal so that you can save up your money for all the gambling adventure that’s waiting for you.

Consider eating brunch at an affordable restaurant, many of which have bottomless booze for as little as $20. Happy hours are also great for finding affordable meal options or hotels with dining credit.

Drink for Free

Here is the worst-kept Atlantic City secret- as long as you keep gambling, you will drink for free. So, if you are going to be surrounded by all these casinos in Atlantic City, you can still enjoy some perks without losing a lot of money. Simply grab a casino floor, we would recommend finding a blackjack table or a slot machine, and stick around for the waitress to show up.

You can order almost anything from soda and water to complimentary cocktails. If you are nice to the server, she or he will keep your drinks coming. If you plan to hit the town later, this is a great way to get your night started in the right direction.

Interruption, on the grandest scale imaginable, has swept through the globe impacting all businesses; the gambling industry hasn’t been an exception. Like all dark clouds with silver linings however, the impact on the gambling industry has been nuanced.

For example, facets of the sector, like online casinos, have seen a boost in demand while others such as Sportsbooks have seen a decline for obvious reasons. Now that Atlantic City casinos have opened up their doors, it is your responsibility to keep yourself and those around you safe. So, remember to wear your mask and sanitize your hands often.

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