How To Figure Out The Engagement Ring Design Your Lady Will Love

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Diamonds are forever, and women hold them close to their hearts for a lifetime. So, if you are getting engaged, you must know what type of ring design your lady will love. A glittering ring can bring a wide smile to your partner’s face. Whether planning a low-key event or a grand function, buy the best ring for her.

Apart from the authenticity and quality of the gemstones, the design of the ring matters a lot. As a man, all designs will seem the same. But you can follow these tips to figure out that perfect engagement ring for your big day.

Pay Attention to Her Style

The foremost thing to decide is to pay attention to the personal style of your partner. Ideally, your choice of ring should match her personal taste and signature style so that she can wear it any day and anytime. You can keep a close eye on her wardrobe pieces to make the right decision. Make notes and keep them close to get a hold of them later when you need them. 

Get Help From Her Closest Friend

When in doubt, lean on the ladies closest to her. Her mom, BFF, sister, or cousin can be the best persons to seek guidance while shopping. Women always share their preferences and desires with close ones. So, begin by easing into conversations with them that will make your partner less suspicious. Also, if you want, you can take her mom or BFF along to shop secretly.

Focus On the Setting

While buying the dream ring, make sure to pay attention to the setting. Start with research on settings and check trending ones. Right now, pavé rings are in vogue. The gorgeous setting integrates small stones along with the band. It adds radiance and an artisanal touch that make the band stunning and unique. Before buying the beauty, ensure to keep this vital part in mind to get that extra bling at a minimal cost.

Go Online

If nothing seems to work in your favor, take help from the Internet. You can find beautiful ring examples and images online and even check celebrity recommendations. The range is endless, and you can definitely find the perfect ring you want. You can have a fair idea of pricing too, so it becomes easy to find a jewel that fits into your budget.

Analyze Her Other Jewelry Pieces

Another effective way is to analyze the jewelry pieces she wears. These will give you an idea of what sorts of designs and metals she loves. You can even start a casual conversation with her to get ideas about what she likes and expects. It is a surprise, so be alert while sneaking information from her.

Buying that perfect and dreamy ring for your fiancé must also involve your unconditional love and emotions for her. Your feelings can help you choose the best piece in the whole world. Also, stick to her choices and see how simple the entire process will get!

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