How to Find Designer Clothing on a Budget in 2019

Posted June 10, 2019 by in Fashion

Louis Vuitton sells a devilish pair of crocodile skin shoes for an easy $10,000. Gucci has a pair of knee-high boots for a cool $3,750. And Miu Miu offers a pair of crystal-embellished shoes for a relative steal at $2,745. Those are, of course, the upper end of the designer-shoe spectrum! But such astronomical figures prove a point:

Designer clothing doesn’t come cheap.

What’s a girl to do?! To look and feel your best, sometimes only the best will do. Thankfully, there are many ways to bag a designer bargain. Interested? Keep reading to learn 5 ways to find designer clothing on a budget:

How to Find Designer Clothing on a Budget in 2019 //

  1. Try Flash Sales

Everyone loves a sale. And they don’t get much better for designer clothing than flash sale websites. These sites are always great for a bargain, regardless of the product you want. The same holds for your designer goods.

You can find incredible discounts on these sites, but they’ll only last for a short period of time. You gotta move fast to get the deal! Be wary though, this kind of shopping can get addictive real-fast. You can end up spending far more than you might want to!

  1. Try Clearance Sites

Clearance stores have long been a favorite for budget shoppers. The 21st century has now caught on. Clearance stores have hit the internet. The stock may be the knock-offs from what didn’t sell as well in the on-season, but that’s good news for your bank balance

You’ll find high-quality items from your favorite designers, at a fraction of the price. FYI, buying online is a good idea anyway. You’ll almost always find cheaper products. For instance, you can shop Balenciaga at SSENSE and see what they have on offer.

  1. Try Off-Season Goods

Peak season means peak prices. After all, that’s when items are in particular demand. Swimsuits will cost you top dollar in summer because that’s when everyone buys them!

Look around for such items out of season to get them at a giant discount. Try buying your swimsuit in November, for instance. Sure, you won’t be able to wear it straight-away. But the cost-savings will make it worth your while!

  1. Try Second-Hand Chic

Second-hand stores are gold for designer clothing.

Okay, so someone’s worn it before you. But, frankly, who cares?! Used goods are all the fashion these days. Equally, they might not have been used at all. They may have been owned by someone before you. But they may never have been worn.

Check out your local thrift and consignment stores to see what designed bargains are on offer.

How to Find Designer Clothing on a Budget in 2019 //

  1. Try a Trade

Finally, think about trading your current designer clothes. This is, without doubt, the cheapest way to get new designer items. You pay in kind: swapping what you already have with someone else. Try your friends and family first. Heck, organize a whole party around it. Try each other’s clothes on and see which clothes people are happy to trade!

You get rid of clothes you no longer wear. You come away with a whole new wardrobe!

How to Find Designer Clothing on a Budget in 2019 //

There you have it: 5 ways to find designer clothing on a budget.

As we’ve seen, top designer brands charge top dollar for their latest fashion creations. It’s all too easy to pay thousands of dollars on a single shopping trip. For the average person, that’s just not possible.

Thankfully, there are ways to do it on a budget too. Keep the aforementioned methods in mind and you’ll be looking and feeling great in no time- all at a fraction of the usual cost.Do you have a designer item that you love? Let us know in the comments below!