How to Find Great Toys That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Posted July 21, 2020 by in Lifestyle
Boy playing with blocks

Toys can turn out to be a big expense. We all want our children to enjoy playtime. It is wonderful to see them having fun and learning while they do (see for a wide range of toys, including educational ones). But, what do you do if you are working with a tight budget? How can you make sure that your children do not end up having to go without? 

Don’t worry, I have some neat ways you can get your hands on the toys your children want, without breaking the bank. Just read on to learn more:

Toddler playing with wooden dinosaurs

Try Shopping with Some of the Smaller Retailers

When we want something we all tend to think of the larger retailers first. Often, you will be pleasantly surprised by how competitively priced their toys are. Small retailers have to work harder than their larger counterparts to get a share of the market. So, they are very price savvy.

Plus, often, they will stock something a little different. This is great because most kids like to play with new and innovative toys.

Sign-up to be Notified of Deals

It is also worth setting up a separate email that you can then use to sign up for toy retailer newsletters. Usually, you will be one of the first people to be notified of special deals and vouchers.

Consider Buying Secondhand Toys

If you know where to look you can pick up decent 2nd hand toys, without paying a fortune to do so. This article tells you, in detail, how to get your hands on the best deals. As well as how to make sure that what you are buying is safe.

Rework What You Already Own

An awful lot of parents automatically throw their kid’s old toys away as they grow older. This is understandable, as they can take up a lot of space. But, if you are planning to have more children, it might be a good idea to hang on to some of them.

Get a big box to stow them in. Then put it in the loft or garage. That way when your new child comes along you can dig those old toys out and let them be played with again.

This is an especially good approach for baby and toddler toys. At that age, children are too young to notice or care that they are playing with used items.

Try Making Some Toys

Kids love making things, including their toys. Encourage them to invent and make board games and jigsaws. Use this YouTube video for inspiration. 

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The above are just a few ideas. There are plenty of other ways to keep the cost of providing great toys for your kids under control. Speak to other parents and go online to uncover more of them. Also, consider checking what are the best toys for 6 months old on Kidsco.