How to Find Information on Someone Online

Posted January 24, 2020 by in Career
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In 2019, there were 246.7 million social media users in the U.S. So if you’re trying to track down an ex, learn more about a potential employee, or get in touch with an old friend, it’s possible to unearth crucial details about them. But where do you start?

If you’re not sure how to find information on someone, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how:

Start With Google

If you’re wondering “I need to find someone”, the best starting point is Google. A basic search can reveal plenty of information about a person, including their job, family, and the city they live in.

Don’t have their e-mail address or mobile number? It’s best to skip any search hacks and use keywords instead.

For example, type everything you know about the person so it’d read “Dan Bristol graphic designer”. Even if you know their first name, keywords related to their occupation, marital status, and location, it’ll bring up social media channels or other identifiable results.

Use Facebook’s People Search   

Not sure how to find information on a person? There are currently 221 million Facebook users in the U.S., so that’d be the second place to start especially if nothing came up in your initial Google search.

Facebook is a robust networking site and its ‘People Search’ lets you search for people by filling in multiple search boxes such as name, hometown, current city, high school, mutual friends, and employer.

If you know several details about the person, it’ll narrow down your search so you can browse the photo results. 

Word of Mouth

But how to get information on someone when they have no social media presence?

Try their friends and family as their social media profile may be under a different profile. If you don’t know their friends and family, and only their full name, use a free people search like Intelius to track down their relatives. 

People Like Re-Using Usernames

If you’re stumped on how to find out information on someone, try to find one of their usernames. If you can find their Twitter account, personal email account, or YouTube profile, this can lead you to other information.

Most people recycle their usernames so plug it into Google alongside other social media networks for more information.

Their Photographs Can Unlock More Details

Before you frantically Google “how to find someone online”, grab the person’s profile pic and social media pictures. You can plug it into a reverse lookup company like TinEye. It scans the image and reveals other examples of that image on the web. Or use Google Images to do a reverse image search.

Go to Google Images, click the camera icon, and upload the image you want to search. Now browse the results!

Try Zabasearch

This is another great option as it can give you a massive amount of information. To manage the overload of information, narrow it down to the person’s state. 

Zabasearch gets information from available information like court records, voter registration online, and Yellow Pages.

They also have access to anyone’s home address and phone numbers, which is perfect if you’re trying to hunt down your coworker’s digits. 

Note that ZabaSearch includes listed and unlisted numbers and addresses so there’s a better chance of finding necessary details.


Google can miss out information but luckily, Pipl can re-cover it by searching the “deep web”. Pipl will unearth personal web pages, press mentions, MySpace pages, and Amazon wishlists.

It’s easy-to-use and lets you filter your search by entering city, state, and country. 


If the person you’re looking for has a LinkedIn, Myspace or Twitter, kill two birds with one stone. Instead of searching all three platforms, enter their full name or username plus other identifying information like interests at Wink. As a result, they’ll give you a comprehensive search of all those services at once. 


The kind folks at VitalRec will help you find birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees for every state and town in the U.S.

They also have international records in countries like Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom. 


Searching for an old boss’s phone number? ZoomInfo’s a good shout as they aggregate people and company information so you can find out about corporate types.

You’ll find people’s employment history and current job title, regardless of whether they’re searching for a job. Search your old boss, and when you’re bombarded with results, filter them by geography (note this only for the U.S. and Canada!).

Check Public Records

Although this is a long process, try finding records online. If you’re in luck, you’ll access the person’s birth certificate, marriage license, and divorce decree. You can also check company registers to see if the person has any entries connected to their name. 

Use ‘Classmates’

If you still can’t find your ex-classmate, browse through, a popular high school reunion site. Once you add their high school, you’ll get a list of people who’ve registered with the same high school. The easiest way is by selecting a school by state and city, then entering the name of the student.

Note that it’s a US-only website but many people are registered on the site, so there’s a high possibility you’ll reunite with the person you need to.

And That’s How to Find Information on Someone!

Nowadays, there are many ways on how to find information on someone. Whether it’s an old classmate or an ex, it’s possible to use their profile picture to uncover further details. Or there are numerous search engines to help you uncover their address or telephone number. Good luck!

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