How to Find Motivation to Study Languages

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So you have finally decided to study a foreign language. You can keep being motivated for two or three months, and then you start making up excuses to skip classes, finding more important things to do, and in the end come to the conclusion that it’s completely fine to know only one language.

Why is this happening?

Wrong time management, boring activities, banal laziness. There are many reasons. Failures in learning foreign languages ​​are also often attributed to a lack of motivation and instead of spending time directly on learning the chosen language, they are carried away by the search for that very correct motivation.

How to Keep The Fire of Enthusiasm Burning—4 Simple Steps

Step 1. Set a goal for yourself 

Think about what knowledge of a foreign language will give you. Look at your life – analyze the fields of your life where you could use this language. To do this, ask yourself the question: “If I could speak French / Spanish or any other language, what would it give me?”

For example, you are not promoted at work, because this position requires knowledge of the language.

By learning it, you would get a better paying and interesting job. Or, having learned a foreign language, you could go to university in Austria, get an education abroad and move to live there. Another goal could be to try all the food the world has to offer.

Step 2: Draw yourself all the benefits of language learning 

At this point, you need to dream. If in step 1 you decide that you need a foreign language to get a high-paying and interesting position, then present in detail all the benefits of this. What changes will this bring to your life? 

Think about all the content you can consume in this language – TV shows, books, and more. Also, language translation companies may help you with writing in the language you are learning, which can increase your value to the company you are working in and open new opportunities.  Don’t be afraid to fantasize, draw in your imagination all the details of the benefits of learning a language.

Step 3. Research new opportunities that knowing the foreign language will open

What is the learning of one more language going to give you in the end? It depends on the person, take some time to research the benefits for you. It can broaden the choice of career paths for some people – you can find information on transcription jobs career ideas, or opportunities to work in international companies with a knowledge of foreign languages.

For others, the main incentive for studying a new language is studying opportunities. For example, as a rule, education in European countries takes place in their native languages, while foreigners can get free higher education by successfully passing language tests. There are also English-language programs in European countries, but they are paid. So it is more profitable to learn, for example, German, which will allow you to enter and study for free at universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Step 4: Find the right methodology for learning 

Do not step on the same rake by studying the language from textbooks and spending a lot of time on theory. And in the end, you will be disappointed in the language you chose, since you will not be able to do the most important thing – to speak it. “Right” methodology means that there will be a lot of practice in the classroom, and this should be the practice of speaking skills.

Just start with a very simple step – just decide that you will be learning it from today. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, the weekend, Monday, next month, or year.

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