How to Find the Best Daily Trading Stocks

Posted November 19, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Investing needs knowledge and skill to find the best investment. Daily trading needs both but to a different height. People who day trade tend to gather a lot of knowledge about trading and financial management. They are also planned about managing losses.

If you are into day trading, keep reading as you will get to know how you can easily find the best daily trading stocks.

What is Daily Stock Trading?

Some people like to buy stock and save it until its value becomes higher and they reach their target of profit from that stock. However, some investors use a different approach. They buy the stock and sell all of it on the same day. This is called Daily Stock Trading or Day Trading.

Day trading is done as a daily business practice, and it requires the trader to keep track of all the bought and sold stocks. Daily stock trading is considered as a traditional business today as many people are doing to earn their bread and butter now. In fact, many are making a fortune through it.

Requirements for Daily Stock Trading

Stock trading is open for anyone. However, there are a few basic stuff you will need to get started with stock trading. These are:

A reliable internet connection and device

Well, that’s a very basic requirement of stock trading. You need a good device with a reliable internet connection. If you have a decent laptop, you can easily start stock trading.

However, any device which lags will make it practically impossible for you to do proper stock trading as stocks’ prices fluctuate instantly.

Stock trading platform

There are a lot of stock trading platforms available on the internet. Stock trading platforms tell you about the details of any stock—so
it’s worth trying to find the best stock picking website. With their help, you can analyze any stock you want to trade. They tell you the live price of any particular stock.


Brokers are the individuals or the agencies which provide you with the best options for stock trading with the help of their research and analysis. Although they are not necessary to start daily stock trading, they are recommended as they provide you with the best option to go with.

Why People Do Day Trading?

Day trading has been the choice of many investors. When people start trading as their full-time job, they mostly turn to daily stock trading. It requires small funds, and it is a short term investment. Instead of investing a ton of money as a long term investment, the daily traders just put small funds every day and clear the stock by the end of the day, either on profit or loss.

Traders like it as it can provide them with a daily earning.

Risks involved in Daily Stock Trading

There are certain risks in daily stock trading, which the trader should be aware of:

Daily Trading Or Daily Loss?

As it is a daily chore for the traders, sometimes, the trader might get in trouble if he or she faces loss every day or if the market collapsed.


Although every trader is aware of overtrading, sometimes, the greed makes them go above the limit. Overtrading refers to holding the stock even when the trader reached his profit target.


Many beginner traders start their journey on the recommendation of their friends. However, some follow their friend’s advice even later in their life. You need to understand that everyone has different needs, different targets, and hence they need different strategies.

Not planning Stop Loss

Stop Loss is a pre-decided price point of the stock where the trader sells the stock. It helps the trader to manage the losses. Not planning the stop loss can be risky for any trader.

Tips for Selecting Stocks for Day Trading

Liquid Stocks – Liquid stocks are the stocks which have high demand and can be traded in large volume every day. Check for such stocks so that you don’t end up with stocks that no one wants to buy.

Volatility – Look for the stocks which have fluctuating price. If you can see that the stock’s price is changing almost every day, it’s a good sign for daily stock trading.

Trends – If you are a beginner, you should go with the trend. The trend will tell you what’s booming right now. However, setting the stop loss on a low level is a wise thing to do as a beginner.

Gainers & Losers – If you have a good enough broker, they will highlight the top gainers and the top losers of the day. Track all those gainers to get an idea of what kind of stock gains and what kind of stock loses in the market.

Selecting the Best Stock for Day Trading

  • Find the stock which is having high volatility.
  • The stock which everyone is trying to buy or which is trending in the market is probably the best bet for now.
  • Check the value for the past few days of the particular stock before buying the stock.
  • Check the resistance level of the stock. The resistance level is the maximum expected price of the stock above which you cannot expect the stock to go.
  • Check the support level of the stock. The support level is the minimum expected price of the stock below which the stock won’t go.
  • While doing your analysis, lists all the stocks you might be interested in future.

Daily stock trading is not a hobby or a side business you can do in your free time. It’s a job or full-time business. There are certain risks you should be aware of.

You also need a good plan for every day to buy the stocks. If you can find a good mentor to guide you through the day trading, it will be very helpful for you as a beginner.