How to Find the Best Deals on Women’s Shoes This Fall

Posted October 8, 2020 by in Fashion/ Shopping
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Did you know that the average woman owns around 19 pairs of shoes?

If you love mixing and matching with your outfits, you might be excited to start shopping for the latest fall fashion trends.

Do you want to know how you can look incredible without sacrificing your wallet? Keep reading to learn 5 tips on how to find the best deals on shoes this fall:

how to save money when buying shoes online

1. Leave Items in Your Cart

Women’s fashion can be quite expensive, which is why having a bit of patience can pay off. When you’re online shopping, try leaving some items in your cart. Most stores are eager to close a sale, so they send out reminder emails with discount codes to entice undecided shoppers.

One easy way to guarantee that email arrives in your inbox is to create a profile on that site so they have your email address on record.

2. Compare Different Stores

There may be tons of fashion trends out there, but plenty of stores sell the same inventory. It’s not the fastest way to get new shoes, but browsing different stores for the same item can lead to some surprising results on the price tag.

If you’re ready to get started, you can shop here to find incredible products.

3. Sign Up for the Newsletter

Whether you’re shopping in a store or online, many retailers advertise their newsletter. If you give your email address to the store, they’ll often send discounts that can lead to around 10% or 15% savings.

If you’re not interested in getting promotional emails often, you always have the opportunity to opt-out of their newsletter after you take advantage of the signup discount.

4. Score Deals by Buying in Bulk

It sounds counterintuitive at first, but spending more upfront can lead to spending a lot less in the future. If you’re in need of a few pairs of shoes or other items, try to shop at stores that offer bulk discounts. For example, some stores can offer $5 off $50 purchases, $10 off $75, and $15 off $100.

In order to take advantage of these bulk deals, you have to be honest with yourself when it’s time to check out. You should only buy things that you love and can get lots of use out of to justify the extra spending.

5. Shop Clearance and Outlets

If you’re alright with waiting to get your hands on new products, you can sometimes buy items up to 80% off their retail price when you shop sales and clearances. It’s important to keep in mind that the store’s inventory will decrease drastically by the time an item goes on sale, so size availabilities will vary.

Many popular brands with large inventories also have outlet stores, which offer a different selection than their normal stores. At outlets, almost everything in the store has some type of discount.

If you follow these 5 tips on how to find the best deals for fall shoes, you can upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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