How to Find the Best Dog-Friendly Cottage in Wales

Posted April 6, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Staying in the best cottage while you are in Wales will positively affect your stay and your entire vacation. Taking your dog on the trip limits your choices of cottages since not all are dog-friendly. But you do not have to worry as we are about to help you on how to find the best accommodations for you and your furry little friend:

a Shiba Inu dog sitting on a yellow armchair.

Finalise Your Travel Details

Before finding a cottage to stay in, finalise and list down every detail about your retreat that needs deciding. Count the final number of people that are coming with you. How many pets are you bringing? Decide how long you are going to be staying. Where in Wales do you want to stay? Also, try to create a partial itinerary of all activities you are planning to do there as well as the spots you want to visit.

Do Your Research

To help in finalising your itinerary, research the most famous dog-friendly tourist spots and activities in Wales. It is also essential to take into consideration the weather during your stay. It will help you decide on what you should do every day that you are there. Moving around would be extra hard for you since you need to find dog-friendly places to visit.

You should also look into the average prices of cottages in the area. This way, you will have an idea of the ballpark rates of places you can rent there.

Ask Friends for Recommendations

Now onto the hunt for the best cottage for your group and your pets. The first thing you can do is ask for recommendations from people you already know who have visited Wales. Ask them where they stayed and their experience and if they can recommend the place.

Doing this will help you understand what to expect when you are already staying there.

Find Property Listings Online

If your friends cannot recommend a dog-friendly cottage, it is time to go through it online. Fortunately, there are now websites that list cottages that you can rent in Wales. Some listings are specific for dog-friendly accommodations.

With all the developments in programming and web design, booking a cottage online is now easier than ever. If you plan to visit Wales for vacation, check out dog-friendly cottages.

Contact the Owner of the Cottage

Once you have found a couple of cottages that suit your needs, start contacting them. Whether you like it or not, it is vital to call the owner before you book the place. Usually, these people do not write everything into the description of their listing.

Talking to them can help you clarify things and ensure that they have what you need and the place is what they said it is. Ask the right questions.

In the end, choose the cottage you think is best for your group and the pets that are coming along with you. You want everyone to be comfortable with the place, so choosing a suitable cottage is crucial. But if you have done every research you need and clarify all issues and expectations, we would not be facing any problems once you are there.

*Photos by cottonbro