How to Find the Best Job Search Engines and Apps

Posted January 11, 2022 by in Career
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In April 2020, unemployment rates decreased by 14.8%. And it’s just now that employment rates are getting back to normal. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, many people are still finding it hard to look for jobs.

Luckily, the best job search apps can help you find a job in no time. But not every job search agency is created equally. So keep reading this article to learn how you can find the best executive job search app. 

The Best Job Search Tips

Before you start looking on a job search app, ensure your credentials are up to date. So make sure you have an updated resume, cover letter, and portfolio. These three factors will increase your likelihood of getting hired when using a job search app.  

You should also make sure any relevant social media web pages are up to date. For example, your Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram.

How to Find the Best Job Search Apps Based on Your Needs

If you’re constantly needing job search help, ensure you are using the right apps. For example, if you are a nurse or nurse practitioner, look for a nursing job search engine. 

Doing so will get you connected to the correct roles that fit your skills and needs. However, if you have a very specific set of skills, there may not be a specific search engine for your career. 

In these circumstances, we encourage you to use proper keywords when using generic job search apps. For example, if you specialize in Social Media management then type in words like analytics, b2b advertisement, and media presence. 

These keywords are often placed in the job description of the best hiring roles within a position. So by using very specific verbiage, you will have better luck getting connected to these exact postings.

Other Factors to Consider When Using Job Search Apps

Aside from using detailed keywords, you should also consider the legitimacy of your search app. For example, check the hiring percentages of users who utilize a prospective job search agency. 

If you use a job search engine with low hiring rates, then the engine may be too populated. Or in some cases, the app is illegitimate. Thankfully, apps like Gigzio gets you hired faster.

You can also check the reviews of any prospective job search engine. This step is important because it can tell you a lot about the search engine and its usability.

Lastly, do not use any job search apps that don’t vet out their prospective employers. Oftentimes, some of the postings on these job search apps are fake or old postings.  So save yourself time and only use apps that have a clear job posting structure.

Get Hired Today

Some job search apps make it easier for future employees to find their next dream job. However, it’s important you follow these tips so you don’t end up with inaccurate job postings and long waiting periods. 

Still looking for a job? These extra tips and tricks may help you:

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