How to Find the Right Skilled Candidate for Your Company

Posted October 7, 2022 by in Career

Looking for a new recruit? Now might be the ideal time to find the right skilled candidate to join your company. With reports suggesting that 65% of workers in the US are looking for a new job, the market is filling up with talented individuals looking for a new challenge.

For business owners, now is an ideal time to capitalize on this trend and see if they can bring to the team new members that could help push the company forward. If you are looking for ways to find the right skilled candidate for your company, keep reading to find out our top tips.

Clear Defined Role

A clear and defined role can make a noticeable difference to who applies and the company’s success. Without an idea of who the ideal candidate is, you cannot create a clearly defined role that targets the right demographic. Knowing what skills, character traits, experiences, and knowledge you want from your ideal candidate will help to create a role specification to post online and share with others.

Creating a clearly defined role might take time. There will be a fair bit of time going into the research and deciding what the company wants and needs. However, the time spent will be worthwhile when many ideal candidates apply for the vacancy. This provides you with many options, each well suited to join the team.

Ask For Support

Aside from posting the vacancy online, ask internally if any of your employees know someone who would be best suited for a role in the company. If you are looking for a candidate for a specific area, such as marketing, graphic design, IT, or writing, some of your employees might have friends or former colleagues who could suit the position well. Ask them to reach out to those they know to see if they are interested in a job at the company. If it is someone they know, they will likely know more about their personality and how they work. 

Additionally, look for external support when recruiting. If you need to find candidates in a specific area like IT, find staffing agencies who could help. Utilize the help from the IT staffing agency in Dallas, Whitaker Companies. The team can help you find candidates who could be the ideal fit for an IT position you are recruiting for in your company.

Send Out Mini Assignments

Creating the perfect job description and seeking support to find candidates will help you find a range of people suited for the role. If you want to know who is the best candidate that has the right skills for the role, consider setting applicants a mini assignment to complete. For writers, this could be a writing challenge similar to the work they will be doing. It provides you with an opportunity to see their skills and what they are capable of.

These assignments should be completed either just before the interview or after. If you find yourself with a few candidates on your shortlist, these mini assignments can help to offer a clearer idea of who the role should be provided. It allows you to make an informed decision based on their personality from the interview, experience, and capabilities, as shown in the assignment.

Of course, knowing how to hire the right person for a position can be a challenge. However, putting plans in place before the search begins can help tremendously. Before you know it, you will welcome a new member to the team.