How to Get a Bachelor’s Degree: 6 Tips to Know If You’re Struggling to Complete College

Posted August 29, 2019 by in Career
how to get a bachelor's degree

Many students have moments in their college career when they consider quitting. For instance, right after finals are over, everyone starts to question their life choices (including the professors)! So that not to give up and keep rising through the college ranks everyone can get the necessary assistance from specialists at any time.

If you are having a hard time motivating yourself to finish your degree, you are not alone! On average less than 40% of students graduate college in 4 years! That number is even lower among lower-income families.

But, if you quit now, then all that effort (not to mention student loan debt) was all for nothing! Don’t be another college drop out! Keep reading to learn how to get a bachelor’s degree when all you want to do is quit.

Reach out to the School for Help

Everyone gets overwhelmed on occasion and most college students feel overwhelmed at the end of every semester! If you feel like you are struggling, ask for help!

Somehow, this myth started circulating that asking for help is a bad thing to do. That myth is wrong! Don’t let your pride get in the way of you accomplishing your dream to finish college!

Asking questions doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your brain! In reality, the students who ask the most questions often do the best in the class!

Talk to your professors when you need a little help with a topic from class and get to know your student advisor. Don’t feel like you are inconveniencing anyone! Their job is to help you succeed!

There are lots of staff and programs on campus meant to help students when they need it! 

What Is Your Goal? 

The first step to achieving your goal is to identify what that goal is! College is a great time to experiment and there are so many interesting classes to get excited about, but many bachelor’s programs make you take specific classes before you can graduate.

The earlier you pick a major and a bachelor’s program, talk to your student advisor and set it in stone so you know which classes to pick. That pottery making class sounds like fun, but it won’t count for much in your accounting degree program! You don’t want to pay tons of money for classes that don’t get you closer to your goal.

A great exercise to help remind yourself about your goals is a vision board! To make a vision board, use a poster board or pinboard and put symbols representing your goals all over it! In the case of your educational goals, you can buy a replica degree from this company and put that on your vision board!

If you already have a goal in mind, it’s time to take another look at your goal. Is that still your goal? If not, is there another degree that is more interesting, but similar enough not to throw you off your expected graduation date?

Changing majors is not a big deal for freshman or sophomores, but changing your major as a junior or senior is not a good idea! Make sure you know what your goal is before you become an upperclassman.

How to Get a Bachelor’s Degree by Studying Smarter, Not Harder

How do you study? With the TV on and your phone sitting next to your computer?

Bad study habits and environments are like cancer to your learning process! You cannot hope to absorb information when your brain is struggling to interpret many stimuli at once!

Find a place to study where it is quiet and comfortable to set yourself up for learning success! If you live in a dorm, consider studying in the library or another quiet place on campus.

Many colleges also offer workshops and classes to teach you how to study better! The note-taking and studying techniques in these classes could make a huge difference for you!

Be Your Own Cheerleader

One of the hardest things to do when you feel overwhelmed is to have confidence in yourself. But, that is going to make a huge difference in whether you graduate or not!

Don’t let yourself fall into a self-fulfilling prophecy where you doubt yourself until it makes you fail! Keep your self-esteem high and stay positive and if all else fails, fake it until you make it!

Take Care of Your Body

Besides taking care of your mental health, your physical health needs some love too! We know finals are tough and you lose tons of sleep during that week, but try to get a full night’s sleep and make sure to eat a healthy diet!

The freshman 15 is no myth! Most college campuses have a gym somewhere for you to keep your body in tip-top shape. Also, working out is a great stress reliever when you need a break from a difficult study session!

Even if that means using CustomEssayMeister to get an assignment completed so you can give your body the self-care it needs when under a lot of stress.

Campus Learning Resources

Schools put a ton of time and money into programs to help struggling students through the semester. Why not take advantage of as many opportunities as you can?!

For those who are close to graduation, take advantage of the career services department! These people take all your class and work experience and help you design a resume so you can land that new job, or even get that promotion in your current job!

We know you know how to get a bachelor’s degree on paper, but getting through four or more years of college is taxing on your sanity! Keep your goals in mind and push through the tough times because good times are on the horizon. We hope this article gave you some great ideas to help you over this hurdle and all the way to graduation day!

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